Thursday, January 14, 2016


  • My house may be broader; but the entry is ever a problem when my mind is not so!
  • My age may command respect but equally demands a responsibility attached!
  • Myself, happily living around strong emotions is like playing a gripping game with sharp swords.. 
  • I may say truth but simultaneously I should allow my people to hold, test, evaluate and then only accept what I say! 
  • Nature is ever the perfect umpire next to me in the clever life games I'm ready to play!
  • No great learning is needed for me to be at my peace.. Likewise, not having too deep faith in anything around is truly the opening gate of my freedom!
  • No one really had asked about me; I'm only presenting myself to them.. Likewise, no one had stopped me from leading a decent life; I only happily have embraced the indecent life!
  • The funny part of my life is.. My energy, time and capacity are always limited for the world requirement but never the other man’s and I openly say that! 
  • My wisdom forever lies in caring more for serious life making a joke of easy life!
  • I should ever meet the requirements but never the extensions!
  • When my relationship is a fact, easy pardoning should be a fiction with me!  
  • The depth of my liking is truly unknown to me.. Equally I don't know what I'm made of till a situation comes up!
  • My sincerity maintained and my respect earned are ever directly proportional!


  1. Each sentence noteworthy and thought provoking....bows of respect sir, my most favorite My sincerity maintained and my respect earned are ever directly proportional!

    1. Thanks Shweta for such an appreciative Comment on the Post.. A few Thoughts of the Day!

  2. Good analysis done.
    I need to analyze myself too.

  3. Very thoughtful and well analysed. Each sentence bears so much of insight sir.

    1. Thanks Archana.. Just a few thoughts in this direction.. Again, thanks for sharing the same on Google+!