Saturday, January 2, 2016


The cute little child of 2 yrs staying in far off lands was all noisy and attentive..

Everything around he was observing, trying to grasp the max and repeat what was observed and remembered.. There the child’s nature was a straight forward answer everywhere around..

When on stroll one evening with the boy, the Mom seeing the Little One walking ahead of her at some distance just said, “Dear! Come Back..”, astonishingly the child actually started walking backwards with all grace!

The grand parents visited the family for a month.. On a day, when the little boy was riding his tricycle outside and the Grand Mom funnily said, “Dear! Why did you jump the Signal when it's red?” he looked at her for a while and the next moment smiling innocently, jumped up and down on the tricycle itself..

Such a cute boy was thus keeping every one around amused with his tiny funny actions..

The grand father used to sit in a corner room and do his work all the time answering the kid whenever he happened to come into his room.. That day for some reasons, the gentleman was sitting in the side room for a while..

The Grand Mom said to the little boy, “Dear! Go to your Grand Pa's room and call him for breakfast; it is ready..”

The cute little boy, straight dashed to the room of his grand father, found the chair there empty and on return saw him in the side room but sincerely reported to his Grand Mom saying, “Grand Pa is missing!"

His uncle too who was staying at his place, one day wanted to amuse the boy with a trick.. 

He said, "Dear! whenever you sit in the car seat behind and keep your finger on your nose, the wipers move!"

When the child did that, the uncle nicely activated the wipers simultaneously and as the boy removed his finger from the nose, he stopped it.. And it was really fun for a while..

Days passed, the uncle continued that play and the boy was more observing and on a day he silently kept his finger on the nose when his uncle was a little less alert and said nicely from behind.. "Now move them!"

The boy had grown big and soon the grand parents bought him on-line a new scooter at his place..

That day, the Grand Mom was talking to him on the video call..

Suddenly the boy said, "I don't want to talk to you!"

The Grand Mom got astonished and asked him, "Why dear? We buy you everything.. We got you a scooter!"

"No.. It's all fake talk.. You are fake and everything is fake.. I don't want to talk to you!" said the boy firmly..

"He means to say that you are physically not in front of him here.. He is unhappy because he is missing your ever loved hugs and kisses!" clarified the daughter.. 

For a moment, the grand mother felt a squeeze in her heart.. The next moment, she, with a overwhelming warmth said to her little grand child, 

"Yes, my child.. I understand your care for us.. Don't worry, every year you will come to us in your holidays.. Then we can together talk, eat, play a lot.. I promise this.. Are you happy now?"

The child appeared understood what his Grand Mom had said as he smiled at her, of course gave her a fake hug and bid a big good bye!


  1. Such beautiful moments when grandkids are involved! Thank you Sreedharji for sharing...

    1. Rightly said, Rajeev.. Grand children forever are special for grand parents.. Thanks for the comment!