Friday, January 8, 2016


Last year, I opened my book and started gazing thru' it as the Great Philosopher had said to His disciples,

"I can never teach you anything except that we together read our own independent books separately ourselves, understand the content solely by ourselves and plan our own strategies for our betterment.. We can repeatedly do this day and night and that's the only way in front of us to know ourselves!"

Here are my related Q and A in respect of reading my that one 'Open Book' with me..i.e., My Mind!

Q: "I continuously suffer in my life as I feel weak from all directions out of an unknown fear.. Is there a way out for me?"

A: "I'm continuously unhappy in life because I don't see or not interested to see the real 'Great Strength' in me.. This 'Strength' within me is different from the usual physical, mental, political, social strengths etc as the same..

  • Can't be tampered.. 
  • Can't be destroyed.. 
  • Can't be misused.. 
  • Can't be bargained!" 
Q: "How to see and feel this 'Strength?' How to make use of it?"

A: "Yes! Interestingly, if I have to see/feel this strength in me, I should remain calm.. Can I remain calm for a moment of my time?"

Q: "How can I remain calm when I've to do so many things in my life? Time is money.. Without money there's no life.. If my time is utilized properly, my wealth will improve, my family and my people will be benefited including everything around too.. So, I should be whole and soul into my time!"

A: "OK! Let me leave it.. If that's not possible, the next best thing.. Can I at least allocate part of my time that's left out beyond the discharge of my responsibilities? This excess time is always with me as I keep special slots for my own enjoyment!"

Q: "Yes.. This option seems possible!"

A: "If so, it's better to allot part of this time however small it may be, on a daily basis.. In fact more number of times in a day is better!"

Q: "Why so?"

A: "The reason is.. This 'Spirit of Today' in me can soon be lost.. It's not strong..
  • It needs protection.. 
  • It needs fencing.. 
  • It needs augmentation.. 
  • It needs continuous encouragement! 
So 'Regular' is a better word here!"

Q: "I'm ready for that.. What next?" 

A: "Next, the 'Quality' of this time is to be maintained.. It's a must.. Without quality, the world will not move an inch.. In my time too which is presently allotted, this quality must flow in.. In this process..
  • Let me not be anxious.. 
  • Let me not be greedy.. 
  • Let me not be calculative.. 
  • Let me not doze off!" 
Q: "Yes, I got it!"

A: "Wait please.. You haven't listened fully.. In this time, there's no real 'Great Doing'.. If I thus remain without really aiming at any thing, soon I would notice that my mind never listens to me.. It's truly powerful and I'm really nothing in front of it..
  • It initially tries to educate me in its own line.. 
  • If failed, then it tries to lure me there.. 
  • That too failed, it gets into a bargain with me.. 
  • And I don't yield there too, it finally terrorizes me beyond! 
That way seen, I'm really small in front of my mind's plans!"

Q: "Then, what to do here?"

A: "I'm repeating.. There's no doing here..When I see my mind as such, I should allow it out first.. But equally gently should arrest it too, where possible by countering..
  • The 'Vicious' thoughts with the 'Pious' ones.. 
  • The thought of 'Self Pity' with the thought 'I'm not less..' 
  • The thought, 'I'm loosing' with 'It's OK.. The loss isn't to that level that makes me collapsed!' 
  • The thought, ‘There are burning problems.. What are you doing here?’ with ‘Only a few minutes.. I'm coming back!’ 
I should thus exist with a continuous feeling in me that
  • Everything is OK.. 
  • Nothing is going wrong.. 
  • Only small times are spent this way.. 
  • This'll not affect my general living! 
And all along 
  • I should remain gentle.. 
  • I should feel at ease.. 
  • I should be open.. 
  • I should carry respect for every other method of getting there! 
That very existing, indirectly is nothing but just claiming 'No Result' as much as possible in my living and that alone is ultimately seeing/feeling the 'Great Strength' in me which sure paves the way for 'True Peace' driving out the all those 'Unwanted Fears' within!'"

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  1. Interesting read Sir!
    Happy new year to you and all your loved ones!

    1. Thanks Indrani! Happy New Year to you and your family.. God Bless!

  2. Optimism and strength of mind are the two things that take us ahead... :-) wonderful post...

  3. A very interesting post. Had a good time reading it :)