Thursday, January 21, 2016


The little boy was too demanding..

“I want a big car and I want 10 small cars. I want all now!”

The mom said,

“Why do you want so many cars? It’s too costly to buy like that!”

“No. I want!”

The mom said "Nothing doing!" and the child started crying.

“OK! This time it's allowed. One big car and only 2 small cars. We don't have so much money. Tomorrow we'll go to your Toy Shop!"

she consoled the boy and he slept for the day.

As promised, the mom took the boy to the shop the next day and they were soon lead to the place where different car model toys were kept on the display..

The moment the boy saw different colors and different sized cars, he was on to them, picked up his favorite models, the mom paid the bill, got them packed and they returned home.

The child was too happy. He got what he wanted! Soon the pack was opened and the child had gone beyond his excitement.

“Come.. Let’s play!”

The mom sat with him and in no time, the play was ON and went into full swing joined with his other toys.

The little boy was moving one of the small cars too fast. He shouted, 

“The car is jumping across the River. See!”

Saying thus, he moved the car too fast back and forth, it suddenly went off his hand and fell at a distance..

“No…. No…. No....”

Thus saying aloud, he picked up the metal car and threw it out of an instant anger within having failed in his 'Mission Impossible!'

As the mom was picking up other toys from ground a little away, the metal car straight away flew and hit her on her forehead. The impact of the child's throw was quite enough to cut her forehead skin a bit deep and leave her profusely bleeding..

She instantly got stunned with what happened, the lady of 30 who was all the time proud of her slim figure and beauty had a greater impact on her psyche as she got injured at the same place where the beauty really mattered.

She suddenly became wild, crying aloud pushed the child away from her with a certain force and was helpless for a while. No doubt, the injury needed immediate attention as the cut was deep. A medium size cut on one side of the forehead was clearly seen after the wound was washed. It would definitely be seen as black mark for months and months and in case if it stays like that for a life time?

She was instantly depressed with those thoughts and became sad but equally could do nothing in the situation.

But as the First Aid was given, she was told that the scar would appear for a while but ultimately would merge with skin in course of time. And for some time she had to put up with the mark and the time of healing might be a few months, she was told.

The child got stunned. He started crying. His Mom’s crying had its own impact on his Psyche too.. He could not bear that. He became totally silent with his Mother’s mood off.

Soon, the mom recovered. Whatever be it.The child knew nothing. It was not his fault. But it was the right time that he be taught the 'Right' without an exception. It was a little astonishing for other members of the family, as she in no time smiled at her boy, took him nearer and started teaching him the ‘Good Play’ while dealing with his toys in future.

“Dear! Here afterwards you'll not throw things as you like. People do no like it. From now on wards, I am going to see a nice child playing with toys and keeping them in order. Is that Okay?"

she asked the boy.

No doubt, that was the biggest boon for the child right at that moment and instantly he was overjoyed with his Mom’s mood back. He firmly nodded his head in affirmation and turned towards her extending his tiny hands. The mom instantly became emotional, took him closer, showered her endless kisses on the boy and hugged him tight!

The boy never knew the agony of his mother at that instant, forgot all that the next moment and further may not be remembering the same as he grows up but the incident and the mom's timely counselling indirectly brought an instant positive impact on his subconscious mind to see that he would never behave in a wild way at any point of time in his coming up adult life there by paving way for the growth of one of the


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