Friday, January 22, 2016


An Ardent Devotee once approached a Great Saint in an Ashram, bowed to Him and said,

“Reverend Sir! Day and night, I constantly see many uncertainties around me ready to strike at any moment as I live thru' my life..

In spite of myself Navigating thru' my life with all care and attention, a particular uncertainty suddenly surfaces in front and asks a question,
  • ‘Have you taken care of me in the present situation?’ 
And here, I do not have a 100% answer to that as my care in that situation appears to be limited and with that limited entity as I proceed, the next uncertainty is seen in the queue with the same question..

Thus I find no way to be at Peace in my life at any point of time.. Unable to do anything here, when I start listing out these uncertainties, to my surprise I find the list really endless!

I am thus caught in my life and constantly live with the despair that springs up out of this turmoil.. Is there a solution for me?"

The Saint said,

"Dear! You can really do nothing in respect of this phenomenon of the Universe except continue doing your activities with all sincerity to the best known to you and not waste your energies with the futile attempts of dominating the Universe out of your inherent fears..

Here you may utilize your Navigation Skills in the direction of either
  • Continuously exploring the vast unknown around you through that known to you thereby doing a yeoman Service to the world at large 
  • Surrendering to the Almighty with a great devotion merging yourself with the infinite unknown within with an offer of a sincere Prayer which goes thus.. 
'You alone can lead me amidst this Ocean of turmoil and none else in the world.. I humbly keep up my Navigation Sails and steer my ship of life in the Path of Dharma as known to me at this moment.. I sincerely Pray to you to Show me the Light, Guide me and Take me out of this Ocean safely and thus make me ever Peaceful in my life.. I hereby surrender to You in Total!’

By living thru' one of these disciplines alone, you will truly find a solution to your present confusion thus paving way for the Ultimate Peace in you!"

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  1. Such a crucial lesson for life..
    great writeup sir.

    1. Thanks Shraddha..Happy to receive such a nice comment on these Pages!

  2. Replies
    1. Rightly said, Archana.. Thanks for the appreciation!