Saturday, January 9, 2016


There was a problem and all were trying to give a solution.. But no easy way was in front.. 5 minutes of struggle ensued.. The highly energetic young man of twenties intervened saying that he could do it and resolved it just like that.. 

"You should have done that earlier itself.. We were struggling all this time!" 

he was squarely blamed.. On another day, a similar thing repeated.. But the young man knowing the solution was just silent for a while.. Half hr passed and nothing progressed.. They asked the young man to try.. 

"I may not know.. Anyhow let me try.. " 

saying thus he coolly solved the issue..

"Great! You've done a job which none of us could do!" 

were the praises afterwards! The young man mused, 

  • "Sometimes, silence is the safe of way of living thru' a trivial situation!"
Years rolled by.. The young man grown to mid thirties visited a Saint in an Ashram one evening, took his Blessings and said, 

“Reverend Sir! I've a problem.. In my day to day life so far, I tried my best to excel but came out average in all fields.. I see around me many of my contemporaries who were lesser earlier suddenly going up the ladder.. What is the way for me to progress the best in my field?”

The Master listened to him, said, “Wait” and kept silence subsequently.. The man waited silently for the reply..

The Master never spoke to him for some time and continued His silence.. The man’s patience was running out.. He controlled his tension and waited for some more time.. But there was no word from the Great man except silence.. The man could no more hold and collecting all his strength just said, 

“Sir! You did not tell me anything..” 

But the Saint continued His silence..The man by that time totally lost his patience.. He politely said, 

“Sir! It may be time..  May I leave now?” 

The Master smiled and said, 

“Dear! What you decided to do now here, you should start doing in your personal life too i.e., Leave the issues that bother you beyond and get on to the next ones.. Now you see, how the determination came up in you even to leave me in whom who you had so much faith? So from now on wards, leave all this murmur and use the same comparative approach to see better things in others and learn how to grasp those capabilities as much as possible.. In that way alone you will get what you want and there would be no further unrest in you!”

The man partly understood.. 

  • "Silence truly does it's own wonders!"

Years went by further.. Finally there was a day, when the then man of mid forties faced the toughest problem of his life.. No end was seen in distant.. At length, some people advised him to visit the Great Saint of the neighborhood Ashram for a solution to his perennial problem.. Accordingly, he visited the Ashram and was lead to the room where the Great Saint was seen sitting in Meditation.. Along with the other devotees, the man sat in silence for a while in front of the Great Man..

The Great Saint continued His Silence.. At length, the Great Man called with a Silent Gesture and enquired the man in front silently through hand signals, whether he was feeling better for which the man without his knowledge nodded his head in affirmation.. They further sat for some more time in silence and finally as the man silently took leave from the Great Personality through a Silent Hand Wave and came out, to his own surprise he found himself extra calm in spite of his problem remaining the same which any how he had to live thru'..  

Thus, the man finally understood in full, 

  • "Silence is truly the Mother of all speaking, however valuable the speaking may be!"

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  1. The golden truth of life. Great post, Sir :)

    1. Thanks Purba.. As usual your comment is forever highly noteworthy!

  2. Silence has its power, so well explained with examples.
    Great read.

    1. Thanks Indrani for the appreciative comment!

  3. Superb sir !! one should really understand the depths of silence.

    1. Rightly said Shraddha! Silence is many times the right answer to problems which are truly complex.. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks for writing this sir. Sometimes Silence is Golden.

    1. You said it Soumya.. It solves some of our intricate problems which any amount of convincing/talking will always come out to be less effective.. Thanks for the good comment!

  5. Loved reading this :) Hope I can feel the same :)

    1. Thanks Darshith.. It's a pleasure to know that!