Saturday, February 20, 2016


  • Truth is the most powerful driving force in the world and sticking to Truth is the ultimate aim of every one. It's depth is infinite, we as mortals are ever limited in It's perception and the more we perceive It, the greater is the Peace and Tranquility with us and around. 
  • For this reason alone, all Sacred Books of ours forever reveal this Truth at various levels to suit to the individuals of different temperaments and different elevated levels.. This when boils down to the base level of ordinary humans comes out as a number of moral stories and incidents that happened once upon a time which educate the masses on the Right Actions in their life for peace and happiness. 
The Audio and Visual Media which can very much do this job efficiently capturing the attention of many listeners/viewers have their own importance here..

And such a communication when reaches homes of well knit relations and established peace, in the form of the TV Shows, the same sure will have much greater role in entertaining and educating the masses without a say..

In this context..
  • Entertaining is one aspect here and educating is the other and these two forever go hand in hand and can never be separated.. 
  • The minds of individuals are ever tuned to receive the Truth in life and they never say no to It but it all depends on who and with what intention conveys this and brings out such a Truth.. 
  • If a person precedes with a motive of exploiting a weakness of an individual thru' this Media and thus tries to make riches, flourish and become popular, no doubt many educated and disciplined people will not fall a prey to that game and equally the State Rules stringently control that 
  • When the same is indirectly done thru' discrete and hidden messages covering up broadly in intervals of time thru' a good message, sizable number of people may be attracted to it, calling it interesting but sure here the true quality suffers without an exception Unless
  • The same conveyance is done out of an original inherent expression wherein it becomes a master piece and the presentation becomes truly classic with the original Artistic expression as is doing its wonders around in particular and to the world at large! 
Again to say..
  • To be truly active in any field, we should feel for the cause and for that the mind should be healthy and strong. Sick and weak minds cannot do a job here. To make one’s mind strong and healthy, positive feelings have to be induced everywhere creating an atmosphere of hope, success and achievement. 
  • By depicting too much of evil or showing off violence or dehumanizing certain values of life, many ordinary personalities instantly will be surely immobilized not able to overcome their own feelings. Some may even develop disgust in these matters and may permanently keep off from the topic itself. All these people ultimately will not be useful in the movement or crusade against the evil and thus we lose a greater part of our fighting community. 
Considering well all the above points, in case I have a chance of making a TV Show, I'll definitely do that bringing out such a Show depicting Truth alone there as much as possible and thus truly become a party to the cause of promoting good and spreading love around to the max, of course with the returns on such Shows being ever limited alone!

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  1. I wish you really had a chance to make this show live... it would be a wonderful one... :-)

    1. Oh! That's great of you Maniparna even though may not be 100% practical.. And the Show as usual goes on!

  2. These days TV shows are all about getting more TRPs and money. They least care about truth.

    1. You are right Roohi except for few.. A change here is too difficult to come thru'.. Thanks for the comment!

  3. How cool is this sir! But I really wonder what TV shows are really about these days... I stay far from them!

    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciation.. Sorry I forgot to reply to this comment in time.. Best Wishes!