Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The man dug up a time capsule buried years ago.. Instead of memorabilia, a modern phone was found in that.. And strangely it started ringing.. The man became curious and as soon as he took the call, a sweet voice at the end instantly started speaking..

"Hello.. Please listen to this.. You may think that I'm telling a story.. Whatever, you will not be able to locate this story any where in your books with you but you can definitely relate this to your present living and I have no doubt in that.. 

A little ahead of our times which is still fresh in the memories of our contemporary old timers with us, people were given few simple problems, they had to just search for almost the straight forward solutions readily kept around which process was truly not difficult and no time consuming and thus continue their lives which gave them their livelihood with more free time at their disposal..

But soon they got bored as there was not much to do in their lives beyond that routine.. Finally, it was a no go situation for them and they sought a dependable solution for their problem..

No doubt, they were attended to instantly but with more complex problems alone and a Life time Solution Finder as Back-up for finding the solutions and earn their livelihood.. People no doubt returned happily but quickly found that the whole process too became a routine as the ultimate complexity of their problems was brought down by the Back-up without an exception.. Once again, the boredom started eating them out in their life..

It is said that if there's no problem in front, man will go and sure create a problem! 

That's exactly happened there too and as people approached the second time, at their own request, they were granted 'One Ultimate Task'.. They happily took up that and returned but soon an entirely 'New Life' was in front of them which constantly filled with the never ending..

  • Complex Plans, 
  • Gigantic Calculations, 
  • Ever challenging Brain Teasers, 
  • Exhaustive Work-outs, 
  • Smart Convincing and Pleasing Techniques, 
  • Instant unique methods of passing on Threats, 
  • Active Shouting, Questioning and Controlling Routines, 
  • Tiresome Physical Running round, 
  • Up grading of Skills etc...etc... 
while attending to that 'Single Ultimate Task' given to them for getting the same livelihood.. And finally, each day of theirs used to end with
  • Some of the problems truly resolved, 
  • Many reasonably brought to a Managing Level and 
  • Some left out 'As Is' for the next day!
Strangely, by doing all that and back home, people found that they were totally at 'Peace' for the day with a satisfied feeling of 'Great Achievement' in their hearts.. 

They thus ultimately settled with that one 'Unique Task' with them and subsequently never sought another solution there as the earlier 'Boredom' which was a fact till then once for all ran away from them for a life time and.............."

Suddenly the Alarm Bell went off wildly at 0600 hrs set.. The man instantly woke up, shook himself off, looked around and the sooner he came to senses, forget the dream, the 'Ultimatum' he got from his 'Boss' the previous day was the first thing that came up to his mind.. 

No need to say, the next moment he was seen hurriedly running round to get ready, reach his Office in time and start resolving the 'Burning Issues' with him for the day!

(The Post is written in line with Indispire Prompt of the week #timecapsule)


  1. hahahah...a classic satire sir....we make our lives complex, the very need to achieve more and not be happy with what we have. Loved the post :)

    1. Very rightly said, Shweta.. In fact, life is simple and we alone make it complex indirectly.. A beautiful Comment!

  2. Very nice. Especially the ingrained played adroitly.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Chaitali.. In fact, I needed the Dictionary to understand the Message.. A Great Comment on these Pages!