Friday, February 5, 2016


“Sir! They say.. 

'If we give whole heartedly, equally we get back!'

How's this correct as I see in front of me itself, my own finances and assets coming down when I start giving? I never understood the connection here even though I agree that helping an individual in the right time definitely makes us feel lighter in our life.. Can you clarify?"

“Dear! I agree that giving with a heart always makes us instantly lighter within.. But about your question, I may not be able to answer directly but sure can explain indirectly..
  • Imagine a situation in which a child, a difficult person or an elderly man is trying to cross a busy road and finding difficult to do so where as the able bodied were doing it so well simultaneously.. 
  • Definitely, soon someone would come to their rescue and make them cross the road.. Here the Helping Attitude is automatically built into the Psyche of people and every individual sees it as an honor or pride and sometimes as a duty too to help such people even though there's no compulsion to do such a job.. 
  • Also in that situation, all motorists too will slow down their vehicles to make the person cross as they too see the need of extending their own help for the cause..
In a similar way, when an individual starts giving Whole-heartedly without making any calculations there and thus makes himself / herself less defensive, people around are automatically filled with the thoughts of helping out him / her in times of his / her need.. In fact, all around feel it as their duty to do so..

But when the same giver gives with a half-hearted feeling and thus becomes defensive, the receiver too reacts to that unknowingly.. 

  • This is once again similar to a situation when an able bodied young man is trying to cross a busy road and is held up in the middle.. 
  • Here, people simply feel that the young man would somehow complete the job and so pay the least attention in that direction!
Of course, this explanation is just a  General One and actually in Nature there are no instant Mathematics of balancing of this Giving and Getting Back.. Everything is ultimately controlled by the Original Plan of  the Almighty which will be unveiled in the right time..  Seen in this way, it's ever my duty to just give Whole- heartedly to the limits my situation permits and thus remain Humble tin my life"


  1. Very rightly said, Sreedhar ji, about the giving part. I'd say never expect anything in return. The joy of helping is only the real award. Anything else is a consolation prize.

    1. Thanks Ravish.. You exactly confirmed on what I said.. Love the Comment!

  2. Selfless act is the real act as it leads somewhere to inner contentment and I liked the way you expressed it logically.

    1. You said it once again, Chaitali.. Thanks for such an appreciative Comment!