Saturday, February 27, 2016


It was the year around late fifties. Actually the exact year, month and date is not known to me this day as I was just around 8 yrs old at that point of time and was at my native village because of my summer school holidays.

At that point of time, a rumor was floating around for quite some time that the world was going to come to an end thru' rise of sea and water sweeping the entire land. And an unknown fear was lurking in me which I could never disclose and talk on that in that period..

  • "It appears that it's our doom's day!"
  • "The bad in the world has gone up beyond. Leveling takes off now!"
  • "A few went on to the Himalayas to escape flooding!"
  • "The sea is just 3 km from our home. No escape!"
  • "The max we can do is go over our roof tops. But how long can we stay there?"
  • "We can do nothing other than praying to God at this stage!"
  • "I don't know, what's all this talked of. I still have a hope that it's just a rumor only!"
  • That's one way of escape from reality. The News I read is...."
Thus were going the talks around. I was totally at a loss not knowing what would happen and out of that confusion, as I often used to look at my Mom, she out of her helplessness, just used to divert my attention.

Yes.. Finally the D-day was at the door step and the next day morning, all were having a doubt......

I wasn't knowing what others were talking among themselves and equally I could never understand their matured talk at that my tender age but my mom was totally knowing that and as she was equally tensed up, told me repeatedly, "Don't worry dear! Our God is with us forever!"

That alone was my big consolation as it is said that when one is in difficulty, the mother alone will instantly be remembered and for me too my mom alone was my 100% assurance and confidence at that point of time.

I went bed a bit late but soon whatever it was, the sleep Goddess favored me in no time and I was soon fast asleep not knowing who am I what am I going to be the next day morning.

It was midnight 12 appears to be. I suddenly woke up as I heard some one saying aloud,
  • "Yes! The day had started. Have you seen the sky? It's already full with clouds. The wind too started. I'm hearing the sound of sea waves stronger now. Some thing is coming up!"
I got up fully and my mom was telling me to sleep but could sleep no more. The prediction appeared really true.
  • "See! The rain has increased and water level around has gone up!"
  • "I am hearing the roaring sounds of sea waves nearer. Are you hearing? Yes.. The sea level is going up and the waves are coming nearer to us!"
  • "Oh, God!  Is it true?  What shall we do now? The water is entering our house.. Oh!  so much water.. We are gone.. Where can we go now?"
Others around were saying..

"Oh,  Come dear! We should hold on to something.. Take that wooden plank.. Sit on that.. Hold firm.. I'm with you.." my Mom was saying..

I was saying, "Amma!  Be with me. Don't go far off. Where are our brothers? Oh, my wooden plank is going away.. It's going faster.. I'm not able to stop it.. Oh.. Amma.. Where are you? I'm getting swept off.. Water is rising.. It's coming near to my nose.. Ohhhh!"

I was shouting aloud at the top of my voice..

"My dear! What had happened? Are you OK, dear?Appears you have got a bad dream.. See, nothing happened! It's 7 AM now and the sun had come up.. Everything is fine.. We are all safe.. No ending of the world.. God is kind to us.. He is fully taking care of us. There's still good in this world. That's why we are all saved. Now nothing will happen. But dear, promise me whatever be, you will always do good in the world.. Your brothers also will do the same. This good alone finally saves every one of us! Do you agree and promise?"

I was totally thrilled to know that it was just a dream, a very bad dream might be and nothing happened.. No flooding happened with sea rising.. Our God really had saved us!

Instantly I bent down in front of our Deity and said aloud.. "God.. Further too, take care of me.. I promise to you, I'll always do good in the world and never do the bad even once!" and as I said that, I saw my Mom too blessing me by gently caressing on my back!

Thus ended my doom's day moment in my life at that particular point of time never to be forgotten for a life time!

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  1. Great! Loved your concept. I also posted something similar related to dreaming on this topic :)

    1. Thanks Darshith.. A message I got from my Mom on that event of those days.. Love your comment!

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    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciative comment and equally thanks for sharing the same on Google+!

  3. It's such a beautiful post filled with goodness, Sir. It touches every chord in our heart.

    1. Thanks Vishal.. So great of you to say so.. Loved your comment!

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    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for such an appreciative comment on the Post.. Love the same!

  5. A very enjoyable post with some lessons as well!

  6. This is such a beautiful and touching post with so many lessons ingrained in it. Thank you for sharing such inspiring articles, Sir :)

    1. Happy to know that the Post has a certain Message, Purba.. Thanks for the good comment!