Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Many times I'm exactly caught in such an odd situation.. 

I pack up and ready myself to go home at the close of my shift, the Boss suddenly appears on the scene to my extreme discomfort and invariably tells me,
  • 'Please finish this and go!'
And here, whenever I question myself why I'm getting caught thus almost daily, I find no answer to pacify myself except resign myself to my own fate!

It's exactly the state of my mind and body,

  • Where I can't firmly say ‘NO!',
  • When my family is very much awaiting for my arrival,
  • When I'm really tired and badly needed rest/relaxation for the day,
  • When all my personal works are in a mess,
  • When planning a Holiday seems impossible and finally
  • When any one sure would feel sorry to hear those words having done the best for the day in fact, always something more alone!
To be honest, many of us are caught in such a scenario on most of the days. Totally helpless, confused, angry, not able to say it out and not able to find a solution even in distance! Ultimately, there will be anger / frustration inside and a forceful smile outside but such a state is never good for health and the sooner I'm out of this confusion, the better!

All said and done, strictly speaking can we really call it a helpless state? Not so, if seen carefully and not at all if we read this..

When a man asked the Great Man of the Ashram to give him some food as he was hungry, the Great Personality said, "Do this equivalent work, I'll give you food!"

When the man retorted saying that how a man collapsing with hunger could do any work, the Great Man said, "In that case, I'll give you food. Eat, relax for a while but finish my work and go!"

When the man refused to do that accusing the Noble Personality as cruel, the  Great Man said, "I don't mind. You can go now. You will not get food here!"

Very strictly speaking, that's the fundamental importance of work in our life!

It means..

  • Work discipline saves me from rest of the attacks in life which I might not have seen till date in my life. 
  • I may feel bad for a while being away from my family but I'm happy that I'm only doing good to them though such stay back!

When the King said, “You have given a father the greatest pain of seeing his son as Saint seeking alms instead of seeing him as the Royal Prince!”, the Lord replied, “I never gave this pain to you. It is because you only believed that being a King is the highest in life. Much Higher is the Sainthood!”

As I am infinitesimally small this day in proclaiming thus, work alone is ever safe for me and meeting that requirement on war footing diligently and with all devotion will be my true savior as then alone I can express myself as I wish and thus live my life peacefully.. 

  • Otherwise never, never this peace would be mine in this one life as known to me this day!


  1. We work to spend a quality time with our family at the expense of family time. This is the greatest irony. But I could understand the situation very well.

    1. Very much with you Ravish on this point but still that quality time is truly a quality time with us when backed by an applause at work alone else never so.. Thanks for a good observation in this context!

  2. Takeaway from this post - be honest to your work and be disciplined. We need these two things for inner peace. A very calming read, sir.

    1. That's the right approach towards our work, Saru.. Thanks for the appreciative comment.. Love the same!

  3. Beautiful post. Discipline and dedication in work is a must. Thanks for sharing, Sir :)

    1. Rightly said Purba.. Devoid of these 2 qualities at work, we are almost nothing in life.. Thanks for the nice comment!

  4. I can relate more to this post. Most of the times I face such situations and at that time I fumble to say 'no'. Honestly, this job is making me discipline and I'm quite satisfied with that.

    Great Post... :)

    1. Nice to see such a comment from you, Arpita.. Our work is indirectly our God.. Taking care of it at the root level, takes out many evils that are ready to attack me in my life and stream lines life for me and basically for my family and to a larger extent others around me too.. Thanks for such a good comment!