Thursday, April 20, 2017


It's neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest. It's a Vibratory Live Activity where in the doer, the person attended to and the world around are all benefited..

It demands the zero work experience but simultaneously can never be purchased for any price. All works, whatever the world values high are simply nothing in front of It.. 

There are no theories and experimentation results around It. And It's always done through a process of nothing but constant Negation.. 

It's difficult to quantify or qualify this work. And all works propelled by the human emotions are forever less in front of It.. 

It never divides the Universe but always works through a Unification Process alone.. 

One who does this work to whatever extent is once for all freed from the burden of the mundane life to that extent.. 


The ultimate fruit of this work is the Everlasting Peace and one who tastes the sweat of this great work never ever leaves It! 

Further, as a doer of that Right Work.. 

I don't need to be man of muscles as no extra strength can give me enough courage to do the Right from my end.. 

I don’t need to a man of influence as such a power with me will only affect doing the Right with a few unscrupulous elements by my side misusing that simultaneously myself being unaware of it.. 

I don’t need to be a man of riches as excess money many times comes in the way of doing the Right.. 

I don’t need to be a member of an active group as the doer of Right should ultimately be me only as an individual and never as a member of a collective group.. 

I don’t need to be a man of rigid practices as such practices ultimately end up in living a fixed pattern life forever deviating from the Dynamic Right.. 

I don’t need to be a great listener as all advices invariably stop at brain level and doing the Right exists at action level which I myself have to reconcile to the need of doing that.. 


I don't need to be a highly educated man in any field as doing the Right is never through a great learning! 

man, the right


  1. Hi Sreedhar sir,

    Insightful words. Well today defining what is correct is the major issue and the youth needs more enlightenment in this regard.

    I just hit your blog fortunately via indiblogger. Nice to yet another socially concerned person like you. I am also working on the ground by educating rural kids on various issues.

    Would like to read more about your thoughts and share ideas. Please stay in touch with us. You can find our blog here and facebook page here


  2. Hi Dinesh! Thanks for the valuable comments and joining my site.... I will definitely visit your site and go through the Postings....

  3. An insightful perspective on right work