Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna, "What is the so called 'Illusion' in this world?"

The Lord smiled and said, "I will tell you. I am a bit thirsty. Can you get me some water from the Colony seen in distance?"

The Sage immediately went there to fetch the waters. An attraction and further involvement soon got Him into a series of activities at the new place and life moved on thus endlessly.

And soon there was a day the Sage got into a big problem, felt utterly helpless and was totally down when a kind hand touched Him. As He looked up, He saw Lord Krishna next to Him saying with a smile, "Dear! Where is the water?"

That's the power of Illusion in this world and the Sage Narada too could not escape from that for while. Seen thus the whole world being caught by this so called Illusion, our Ancient Saints ever taught us the unique way of certain self sacrifice required from the individual to reach this point like..

  • One Great Man saying, "Another valuable day with me is lost without making a dent in my life. How foolishly I lived yesterday? Let me try my best today and then alone call myself something!" 
  • Another Great Personality saying as He was praised, "I remember making a small mistake in spite of telling you all the time the right. I want to bring it out right this moment, work towards correction and then alone take your praise. Till then you have to wait and again if I do not make another mistake!"
  • A Great Saint remarking when the devotees decided to celebrate His birthday, "Why not celebrate the day of Realization?" 
  • Again, the same Saint saying when afflicted with serious disease and was offered help by his Devotees, "As long as this hand moves, let that alone do the job. When it ceases to move, you can sure extend your help!"
Let me here, take the Guidelines given by these Great Men of the Earth and start living my life thru' the single way known to me at this point of time where in certain self sacrifice from me too comes out..Viz.,

By continuously discharging my ordained Responsibilities with all honesty and sincerity to the best of my abilities helping the world at large at my own level!


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