Sunday, April 10, 2016


It was a Holiday Resort in the distant land on the other part of the Globe deep into thick woods away from the usual buzz of the city life. The weather was cool, sunny and pleasant. A number of guests to the hotel were relaxing in the 'Open to Sky' Restaurant busy with their own discussions and movements.
  • A number of idols beautifully carved out of some special wood like material and positioned in between all along the Restaurant brought it's own beauty to the Guest Area. 
  • The thick green woods in distance appeared to be silently doing their job giving final touches to the best natural environment of the place.
  • And the heavy metal tables of the same size and shape laid out in equal distances with a glass wood finish on the top added a perfect natural fit to the natural environment by the side.

The gentleman sat at the table shown to him by the Senior Waitress-In-Charge of the Serving Area and was soon attended to by another smart young Waitress who quickly took his order and was back to action on the errand. As the man looked at his watch the same was showing 1215 PM. And he had just 45 mts with him to finish a short lunch and move on to the crucial appointment he had for the day.
  • Adding to the perfect Nature around, suddenly a huge Labrador appeared on the scene and started moving actively between the guests. He was freely getting closer to the guests, rubbing against them smoothly, looking at them and playfully running around. 
People who got accustomed a bit with their pets were comfortable with his movements and some even started actively playing with Lab. But a few were an exception there as they felt uneasy with the pet’s closeness and moved away a bit here and there to avoid his attention simultaneously keeping a close watch on the Lab.

After watching for a while the discomfort of few of her guests, the Senior Waitress moved near to the gate, said something to a man there pointing at the Lab. The man instantly moved into action and started instructing the pet saying aloud, “......! Come away, Come away!” That he repeated a few times, but the canine having resolved to trouble the guests in such a nice fashion was still briskly moving around.

The guest gentleman and equally a great animal lover, to his great astonishment suddenly saw the same shouting person whirling something at the Labrador and the pet in no time running away from the spot steep down into the bushes below disappearing once for all!

The gentleman instantly got offended at the way the dear pet was treated in front of everyone. How could the man be so cruel to him? The Lab has every right to move and play around as he wishes.. The only thing the master could have done there was to constrain that movement in a limited way to avoid trouble to others!

As he looked around, he saw the young Waitresses moving around briskly with their own works unmindful of what happened around them a few minutes back. Equally, the men at the Reception Desk too appeared not bothered about it.. And as he looked down sloping woods on the side he found to his sadness, the loving pet still hiding himself in the thick bushes from the insult and injury aimed at him.

The watch ticked on but there was no sign of the pet. The man became too restless and firmed up to lodge a formal complaint to the Senior Waitress on the ill treatment given to the Lab.

As he glanced at the Clock on the wall in front, instantly to his surprise he noticed that his watch was running late by 15 mts. Means.. The appointment time was.... Oh.. God! He had to go.. No way as it sure needed a definite time to go ahead with his complaint and see that the wrong doer was taken to task..

The gentleman was sad.. He wanted to do something and bring out justice to the pet but at the same time he had to go.. Later, coming back and taking up the issue was seen of no use because that sure totally would make lose all that shine of his protest..

He quickly cleared his Check, thanked the Waitress and as he started moving to the Exit Gate his watch propelling him to do all that, equally he could not believe his eyes..

  • As he saw the same Lab pet running back from the deep woods below with double vigor towards the same man wagging his tail vigorously. As he came close to his Master the man with a broad smile, patted him affectionately, stroked him for while conveying his love, slowly took out a soft rubber ball from his mouth which the pet was firmly holding till then and started throwing it down the slope to a shorter distance again and again making the gigantic Lab too run behind it so majestically making the serene environment around more vibrant and lively the next moment!
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  1. Aha! So the lab wasn't mistreated after all. Really nice!!