Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Little One of 3 yrs was too naughty but the grand mother was equally determined. And she decided to instill in the boy at that tender age the Devotional Culture of her own.

That evening while the child was with her playing, she nicely made him sit with her and started telling the mythological stories of her own background.

“Dear! We have many Gods with us.. Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva...

  • When a crocodile caught the huge elephant friend, Lord Vishnu ran for the elephant and saved it from the crocodile. That way, Lord Vishnu is our God who saves us whenever we are in difficulty..
  • You know, Lord Rama went to Lanka, killed the ten headed Ravan and saved many people. Lord Rama that way is a great God for us..
  • And Lord Krishna is also our God who is always with us in our difficulties. One day, when the King Indra poured stones from top as rain, Lord Krishna simply lifted a hill on his Little Finger and asked everyone to come below it.
  • Once a huge fire of poison came up in the ocean. Every one was afraid. Lord Shiva simply swallowed the whole, kept it in His throat and saved the entire world.

Now tell me we have many Gods with us who constantly help us and save us.. Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. You should always remember our Gods and Pray to them daily. Now let us fold hands and say our Prayer to our Gods together!”

Saying thus, the grandma started singing melodiously..

"Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadisha Hare....."

The little boy soon did the whole Prayer she taught him earlier with hands folded and eyes closed along with her.

The grandma was totally pleased with the Little One’s discipline. In the end with a big smile on her face she said,

“We'll go now. I told you 4 stories of our Gods. There are many more Gods with us and many more stories on how They saved people.. OK.. Tell me.. Out of our 4 Gods whom do you like the best?"

The Little One listening to her with all attention was equally too thoughtful. His Mom was sitting at a distance looking at him with all adoration and a gentle smile on her face. The grandma with all firmness asked the boy again the question.

"Dear! I'm asking you. Whom do you like the best?"

The boy looking at his Mother suddenly smiled and said aloud,

“It's Mommy, like her the best!"


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    1. Thanks Indrani.. A nice appreciative Comment!

  2. Great wisdom! We should worship real God instead of hypothetical God. Mother is the greatest saviour for a child :)

    1. Thanks Ravish.. Truly a thoughtful comment!

  3. aww....such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing, Sir :)

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    1. Sukhriya Jyotirmoy.. Ek bahut achha comment!

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    1. Thanks for such a nice appreciative comment, Rajeev!