Sunday, April 3, 2016


'Annad bhavanti bhutani....' says Sloka 14 Chapter 3 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita meaning.. 'Living Entities come into being from food!' which indirectly confirms that we are made of the food we eat all along in our life..

And the same Philosophy extended a little more reiterates that this food of ours falls under 3 categories
Viz; Saatvic, Rajasic and Tamasik each type encouraging the similar personalities in us!

Thus seen, we can very much affirm that our food is an integral part of our life as
  • We are from the food around us, 
  • We sustain with the food we eat,
  • We grow with the food we love and 
  • We express ourselves thru' the food type we consume!
About such a food, the Great Saint has said.. "Eat food like medicine!" Meaning.. Food is basically for sustenance and it should be eaten the minimum to keep our bodies healthy and if consumed beyond in whatever fashion, it sure works as poison in us indirectly.

But in reality many times, such a Great Message takes a back seat in me when it comes to partaking the tastiest food in front as the famous thin and lean Playwright and Critic's joke mentioned below too surfaces here thus..

When a fat man who came across him remarked, "Sir! if any one sees you, he thinks that the whole of our country is starving!" the famous Personality smiled and replied, "Dear! The same man if he sees you instantly knows the reason for the same!"

Thus my own personality very much influences the selection of food of my choice varying between junk to fad to scientifically valued foods whatever..

If at any time a special food is offered to me at a subsidized cost to promote it's sales which tastes bitter and smells a bit odd,

The Miser in me instantly decides to consume the same stressing.. “People say that it's the food which is light on the body and does its good.. The peculiar smell and taste may be because of that.. No problem. I can’t waste such a valuable food in front of me whatever others say!”

The Glutton in me confirms that decision saying, "It’s the food very much required for us and we may need a more of it all the time. If I forego this in the name of all that talk of nonsense taste/smell and too much care, I only have to buy it again. Why not store this immediately in Deep Freezer and make use of it subsequently?”

The Personality of too many tastes in me adds color to that saying.. “It’s my tastiest food in front. We hardly get a chance to eat such foods. How can I waste this one? Let me heat it up, add some more spices to it and make my best lunch out of this!”

And finally the Personality of Principles in me confirms all that decided by saying.. “We can't waste any food and it’s very much a sin to do so. Many around us are starving. Let me see if I can make use of this in some fashion for consumption in a smoother form and thus help in overall!”

When these 4 traits rule me thus, I invariably consume that food whatever it be unless equally the Personality of Wisdom in me overrules saying..
  • “I agree that we should never waste our food. It is forever Sacred and Precious. And our monies too are Precious. But seen the other side, my health and immediate safety too are much more precious. 
  • Further seen, my body is like a Temple with me and the daily food with which I feed myself is like an Offering made to God. Here forever, Cleanliness, Freshness, Heat and Aroma are the required qualities of this Offering to the God of this Temple within me..
  • Hence, it’s ever better to allow such a food to decay naturally outside rather inside my body and so let me not use it!”
Thus speaking, the influence of any food, apart from its benefiting effects equally depends on such complex personality behind consuming the same!

(The Post is written in line with the Indispire prompt #foodfads)


  1. "अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या अजीर्णे भोजनं विषम् ।
    विषं सभा दरिद्रस्य वृद्धस्य तरुणी विषम् ॥"
    when not practiced, knowledge is poison; in indigestion, food is poison |
    poison is gathering/festivities of poor; old man's young wife is poison ||
    and too much of any also vesham..
    Loved the personality analogy to food !

    1. Oh! So nice of you to give such a valuable comment on these Pages Sunita Sriram.. Thanks a lot for the same!

  2. Again a very good analysis,this is the reflection of an experienced mind.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy.. A good appreciative comment on the Post!

  3. Points worth taking note of.

  4. Very relevant ideas. Eating good, fresh food at right time in right proportions solve many dilemmas :)

    1. Very Rightly said, Roohi.. Thanks for the additional confirmation on the Topic!