Monday, May 30, 2016


A grown up son used to say, 

“Dad! Tell me what this means, rest I'll take care. I don’t have time now to listen to what all you say. I've so many issues in front which have to be addressed on war footing. I just want you to help me on few points where I truly need your help. Rest I can do and you can relax!”

The father used to tell a little more in detail so that the son would understand something extra and in the process would not commit serious mistakes
But the young man was impatient, 

"See, Dad! Am confident that I can do this. You are too much worried. I too know something and am sure that's enough to go thru' this situation.. Don't worry!”

And the conflict was going on thus for quite sometime and the father was worried.. 

One day, a well-wisher and a close friend to the family had come to see the father and during the discussions the father spoke of his worry. The well-wisher having understood the context, decided to advice the son. Accordingly, on another occasion he called on him and after a few enquiries straight away said, 

“Dear! I understand that you are pressurized in your activities. But, still you should never bring pressure on your father but allow him tell the way he wants to tell you when you ask him on certain issues. There's always good for you in that!"

The son quickly said, 

“Sir! I agree to that. But he is unnecessarily worried. Nothing will happen so easily and I don’t have so much time to listen to him.”

The well-wisher smiled and said, 

 “See, dear! When you visit a home as guest and if you are in urgency, will you tell your host, 

'Show me the kitchen. I'll quickly pick up what I want and finish my eating. I don’t have time to sit at the table and slowly and traditionally eat all the stuff chitchatting in between?' 

You won't!  Because that would be a rude and insensitive behavior on your behalf and if it's really a problem with your time, in the first instance itself you will not visit them!

In a scenario like this too, you can't straight away expect your father not to tell what he wants to but only what you have asked. The right way here is that you would listen to him the way he narrates and take the best of it. There may be some 'dead stops' in your action which he can foresee with his own experience of the life he lived through all these years. Bypassing all this, expecting him to answer exactly on what you want is too crude and insensitive behavior on your behalf!

In case you really don’t have time, why to ask him at all? If you feel really strong by yourself, why can't you do the whole job by yourself taking all the risk? Then your father 
won't be knowing that and your time is truly saved. What’s the problem here? See! You don't want to do that way because you really need his help!”

The son was speechless!

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  1. Amazing writeup Sir! I think the new generation (including me) lacks patience. My dad always says that we need to be good and patient listeners! When we do all the listening, half the problems are sorted :)

    1. Thank you Miss Jose.. A nice observation in this context.. Yes.. A good listening solves half of our problems.. Happy to hear from you on these Pages after a long time!

  2. With the thought of taking part in the so called "race" of life we often forget that "slow but steady wins the race".
    sometime the word "new generation" makes us feel that we are advance enough to ignore "old generation", but as i always believe that nothing can be replaced with experience.
    superb post. The example you have cited here is mind blowing.
    i will surely never forget this one.
    thanks for enriching our knowledge.

    1. That's so nice of you to say thus elaborately on the Topic, Jyotirmoy.. Yes.. Experience forever speaks and nothing else can replace it so easily.. Thanks for such an adorable comment on the Post.. And double thanks for sharing the same on G+!

  3. We are all so busy nowadays, no time to 'stand and stare'...wonderful write-up, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for the appreciation.. Sorry.. I saw the comment today only and replied.. Wishes!

  4. A very relevant post! Sadly everyone is in such a hurry...

    1. Rightly said, Rajeev.. Thanks for the appreciation.. Sorry.. I saw comment today only and replied!