Friday, June 3, 2016


Once, all the 4 fingers of Right hand had a fight among themselves..
  • "I always wear the golden rings.. Means surely I'm special.. Then how can I be made to participate in every activity just like that along with others? Let me show my resistance for a while!"

were the proud thoughts of the Ring finger..
  • "I'm the biggest finger and should have been straight away given the Leadership Role.. Instead, am made to join with others so casually.."
were no less sarcastic comments from the Middle finger..
  • "We are all basically equal.. How can myself alone be put to use of unethical work of pointing out while others carry no such stigmas?"
were the loud thoughts of the Index finger..
  • "Just because I'm small, I can't be sidelined and talked.. If I don't join them, the next moment their strengths are halved.. Let me see how they get on without me!"
was the viscous conviction of the Little finger..
  • The elderly thumb could say nothing in the situation being afraid of the wrath of its angry members and 
became silent for a while!

With such malicious thoughts constantly going round for a while among its members, on a day of small hurt all works hitherto being done by the Right came to a halt and continued thus under the pretext of extended pain!

Having seen the Right of no use in the scenario, the left was put to use immediately for essential works. No doubt, it was a Herculean Task to take over that task but unfettered by the hardship, the job was taken over by Left with a great zeal..
  • "My dear all.. There's a true requirement here and equally a good scope for us to show off our skills.. Let's move together with all love and attention in the situation to accomplish this unique task bestowed upon us presently.. Am with you all along!"
thus spoke the left thumb extending a loving hand to its members..
  • "I may wear gold rings in normal times but that doesn't really mean anything great unless I join here with all love and care!"
was the determined thinking of the left Ring finger..
  • "I may be big in size and be in the middle but I can't claim any value for me unless I love my work and join with my colleagues.. Let me rise to the occasion!"
were the inner feelings of the associated Middle finger..
  • "All works are important and let me not carry an impression that I'm unduly made use of.. Let me do the right in the situation with a cent percent loving attitude and be done with it!"
were the loud thoughts of the next Index finger..
  • "I may be small but along with the group am ever strong.. I love my group and I contribute my best here!" 
was the firm conviction of their friendly Little finger..

Soon, the left fingers became partly Experts in those works and thereby the left hand was equally allowed to continue doing them.. The Right members quickly realized their mistake and in spite of becoming active again, they permanently lost their long cherished monopoly over certain potential area of operation in their life to their competitors!

At length, the Right hand fingers murmured within..

"True Love and Dedication
Towards Working,
Upholding the Group Togetherness and
Respecting the Leadership Skills
Alone ultimately secure the right and dignified life in this world!"

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt #LoveChallenge)

Keywords: love, dedication, work, togetherness, leadership skills


  1. Sir, Whenever you post be it on any topic, it's always interesting! Writing form is also something that I've noticed, uniqueness !

    1. Thank you very much to leave such an appreciative comment on the Post.. I'll try my best to deliver the Topics as much interesting to my Readers as possible!

  2. Very interesting and as always enlightening Sreedhar sir! :)!

    1. Thanks Archana.. That's truly nice of you to say so.. Best wishes!

    2. I forgot.. Thanks for share on G+ too!

  3. What a perspective. It's only when all fingers (read a team in real life) work together, that work gets done seamlessly!

    1. Rightly said Priyanka.. That's exactly part of the message here.. Thanks for the good comment!

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    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy..Love your comment.. Thanks for share on G+ too!

  5. This is such a thoughtful take on the topic. Loved your story. Will be retelling it to my nephew :)

    1. Thanks Anupam.. So nice of you to say so.. Happy to have such an appreciative comment on the post!