Friday, June 24, 2016


  • “God is truly unfair to me. I very much love my family and am interested in a small life alone for me.. But am continuously suffering. There seems no end to my problems coming up in my life!” 
thus I was often complaining.. An elderly well-wisher of mine called on me on a day and said, 
  • “Dear! I've a permanent solution to your problems.. Take a white sheet, draw a line across the mid of the sheet and above that list out all your problems!”
I quickly wrote the long exhaustive list of mine well fitted into the half page.. A big one indeed!
  • “Now below the line, write down the problems which you see with people around you and which are not with you..”
I started writing all that and soon I was at the end of the paper..
  • "Please take one more sheet and write the left out!" 
I was about to do that but my consciousness warned.. 
  • "No.. That paper too will be over in no time and the next one too.. There's no end to that if you truly start writing.. The memory of yours which had meticulous seen, recorded, compared, felt the comfort of not having that with pity out flowing copiously at all those moments.. Yes.. Truly a list that never ends!"
The well-wisher was staring at me.. 
  • “See dear! At one stage, you may be afraid of even to think of these problems/difficulties which were not there with you at any point of time in your life. But you very well know as well as you see people around living with these problems. And further you might have seen many times smiles too on their faces!" 
he said and concluded,
  • "Dear! If we are honest, let's feel for those people and do something concrete to help them in times of their difficulties of course, without neglecting our own duties towards our families.. Compared to their strain, ours is nothing and God is truly kind to us! 
  • Once you fall in love with such a sacred attitude and start doing that great Yagna of your life I'm sure there after, you'll never search for a complaint book to register your problems as you would be truly a king within yourself may be only the physical crown would be missing.. Don't you want such a Crest Jewel of Pure Love be your companion for the rest of your life?"
And right at that moment alone without a say there, I truly fell in love the second time in my life with all my senses remaining 100% awake!

The Post is written in line with the Indispire Prompt With all your senses, "Fall in Love - One more time"#FallInLove

Keywords: fall in love, second time, problems, pure love


  1. That is an interesting take on the prompt. If we truly awaken our senses, and become harmonious with those around us as well as our inner goodness, life will be worth living again.

    1. You have said it exactly Sunaina.. Infact, that alone is the right approach for the real solutions of our problems in life.. A very good observation on the subject.. Thanks a lot!

  2. That was truly a wonderful take on the prompt.. And like all your other post.. This too was...exceptionally motivating..

    1. That's nice to hear from you Manasi.. And I'm happy to know that my Blog Posts keep my Readers engrossed in the subject.. Thanks a lot!

  3. That was truly a wonderful take on the prompt.. And like all your other post.. This too was...exceptionally motivating..

  4. So insightful !! Such a strong message delivered so beautifully !! Nice read.

    1. Thanks Shraddha.. A good comment here.. And thanks for share on G+!

  5. Yes, everyone is having problems in life. One needs to fight with them rather than complaining for the same. Great post indeed sir.

    It also reminded me one of the old song.
    "Duniya me kitna gam hai. Mera gam kitna kam hai.
    Logon ka gam dekha to main apna gam bhul gaya. "

    1. The right observation, Ashish.. Yes.. The song you mentioned here truly speaks the same message.. Thank you very much for the same.. Happy to know that you are ardent Reader of my Posts!

  6. superb and very relevant write up on the prompt ,with a very inspiring message