Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My parents have struggled in their active phase of life, spent huge monies and given me the right education to see that I get into this sacred work environment and progress further in my life. My parents are always great for me, they mean forever good to me and I should sure cherish their wish to the core.. 

I continuously consume in the world which I got to return with my skills and through my effort alone and this is the Eternal Law of Universe. I shouldn't break this Law at any time and commit the sin of 'non return' in my life.. 

Long ago, I was the one earnestly looking out for my Employment, stood in long queues, answered many questions with folded hands and finally got into this entity called 'Work'. All along, my Employers were in their own cushion chairs at their own ease. Let me never forget those tough times I passed thru'.. 

My honest and hard work soon becomes a major part of my 'Personality' in my life. Rest all are just around me because this 'Personality' is intact today.. 

Any quarrel with my Employer is nothing but start of sidelining my Employment. If destined to be into troublesome environment, let me do a little more and leave for another job if I'm that much capable.. 

Any small diversion in my work means a small amount of my 'earnings' as well as 'skills' are permanently lost. Continued thus without a check, I would be a major looser in the long run.. 

In every fight, invariably there are a few advantage seekers who are ready to fuel it and spoil my prospects. I would sure be openly giving reins to such people free of cost if I extend my quarreling with my Boss.. 

No one appoints me without knowing the history of my Employment. And all the 'neglect' at work is sure going to be written in that book of mine which soon becomes the talk of my happy Rivals and fed up Bosses. And the next job is never going to be a great welcome in such a scenario.. 

The parents who have put me into this stream at the back of great sacrifices too have no option but show me the 'WAY OUT’ of their home if I neglect my work beyond. And am sure, none else in the world will welcome me with an ‘IN BOARD' in such scenario.. 

Finally to say, God alone determines when I can stop or go slow in respect of my work activities through His Eternal Grace and Blessings and I've nothing to say in this matter by myself. All I can to do is ever pray to Him to take care of my health and safety to continue this without a break during my active phase of life!

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  1. Pearls of wisdom, that each one of us should inculcate. Thanks for sharing, Sir!

    1. Thanks Priyanka for the appreciative comment here!

  2. Wonderful pearls of wisdom sir! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Archana.. A good comment here and thanks for the same! Thanks too for share on G+!