Monday, July 11, 2016


  • The Great Saint too while in the Sacred Task of 'Realizing the Self' soon found that starving the body through severe Penance is not the right way there as such an activity undoubtedly would become nothing but a self oriented one and a weakened body in such a scenario would not help any man in his great mission of Realization.. 
  • Knowing thus and having starved His body for such a long time and thus weakened it, the next moment, He stopped His Meditation, accepted some milk and food and instantly restored His energies.. 
  • Further to that, subsequently he sat again in Meditation and vowed never to arise until He found the Truth that time the concept of starvation being not in fore front of His mind.. And thru' such a Unique Meditation alone, the Master ultimately attained Enlightenment through which no doubt, the entire world is immensely benefited! 
Thus to say, the food with us plays a great role in our life, of course with the right quality and quantity of it.. 

Further, it is said in Chapter III Verse 14 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita..

'Annad bhavanti Bhutani' meaning 'Beings are produced out of food' which indirectly asserts that what we eat we become that!

Again, in Ashtanga Yoga it is said

'Annam Bramha raso Vishnu 
pakto devo maheshvarah
evamjnaktva tu yo bhunkte 
anna dosho na lipyate!'


'The creative energy in food is Brahman 
The nourishing energy in body is Vishnu
The transformation of food to pure consciousness is Shiva
If this is known, then the impurities of food do not affect you!'

Seen thus, this body is like a Temple with us and the daily food with which we feed ourselves is like an Offering made to God.. Here forever, Cleanliness, Freshness, Nutrition, Heat and Aroma are the required qualities of this Offering to the God of this Temple within and never a sacrifice of these qualities of food is attempted out of greed or carelessness on our behalf!

So it is very much right that we need such an essence of food for us to lead a healthy and happy life out of which alone we will be able to do what we can in our life and thus help the world at large..

Coming to the case of growing children, it becomes more important in their life growing at a fast rate in respect of their height, weight, physical, mental and psychological capabilities that they need much more the right, nutritious and clean food in sufficient quantities for the overall development of their capabilities..

Else the growth in respect of these capabilities is likely to be seriously affected and such children when they grow up are bound to suffer more in their studies, performing job, or handling various family and social responsibilities..

As a healthy child is nation's pride, every aspect of the child's growth and development becomes important as the parents take care of their children and here alone food comes as number one in the list..

In this context, the right quantities and right qualities of food required for the development of the child as per scientific and nutritional evaluation alone forever stand as the reference for us with minor adjustments here and there to cater for individual needs and that nutritious and healthy food should for ever be made available for their children by every responsible parent thereby helping promote a healthy future population of our Societies!

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