Saturday, July 16, 2016


Yes.. All of a sudden there was a great urge in me go back to my childhood to relive those cherished moments of innocence and readiness to learn everything with me along with the then my little friends.. 

With such a UNIQUE NOSTALGIA, as I was in the process traveling to my childhood days, a few fresh memories gently reminded me to pause for a while and look into them and evaluate myself whether they can do an equal job.. Immediately, I recollected one such memory and the reminiscences of that for a while had gone thus.. 

'In that tender age, my grandson had learnt to say the word 'AGAIN' whenever he was fascinated by someone doing a funny thing with broken accent asking for repetition of that.. And that he never used to stop till the other party would do what he wanted..

A few times it used to end up in the child crying too.. Most of the times seeing his happiness, the family members used to leave their busy schedules for a while and repeat what he wanted!

That evening, the child was with me in the quiet swimming pool area relaxing in an inclined chair.. The pool area was truly quiet except for the rhythmic swimming sounds with the people around talking softly all along.. The child was looking at the sky, half moon and few clouds above and was talking in himself amused with the Nature around..

Suddenly a man having seen his friend coming in for a swim felt excited and wished him from a distance.. The friend responded instantly and had cracked a joke on his day’s tiresome work..

As the joke appeared too much for the other man, he sarcastically laughed quite aloud breaking the silence around for a minute..The laughter was felt a bit unusual for every one there and all instantly looked at the man with a contempt feeling clearly seen on their faces for disturbing the quietness of the area.. Seeing others looking at him, the man felt a bit uncomfortable and subsequent to that an absolute silence followed..

In that pin drop silence to the surprise of all, a feeble soft voice was distinctly heard which looked quite interesting and very much soothing on the ears as..

The cute Little One in my lap looking at the open skies said aloud, ‘AGAIN’ so innocently with a charming smile on his face totally unmindful of his own unrealistic demand for repetition of the 'LOUD LAUGHTER' from a stranger!'

That's how the little grand child reacted to the laughter and subsequent to that as the child grew up..

he continuously started interacting and expressing his innocence, deep faith, readiness to learn and a never ending questioning and keen observation thru' many such similar doings for ever sticking to only 3 activities with him Viz.,

  • Cry aloud when help is needed and smile when comforted,
  • Stop not questioning till an answer is found for everything and 
  • Believe heart and soul the one next who truly responds to him! 
As I started recollecting all those sweet memories of the boy's innocent questioning and doing the related actions.. 

It instantly struck me that I really needn't travel to my childhood to satisfy the unique nostalgia of mine as that was instantly satisfied thru' remembrance of all that 'HEART WARMING MAGIC' the boy had done continuously for the past 4 yrs!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt "You will find more happiness growing down than up". Do you wish to relive your childhood? #nostalgia


  1. That's is so sweet and innocent.....the best thing about childhood....and once we are around kids, we relive our childhood again, as you rightly said in the end....:)

    1. Thank you very much Sunaina.. A highly welcome comment on the Post!

  2. A sweet reflection and realization.