Wednesday, July 13, 2016


"Of late, man has become too artificial.. 

Simply lost touch with Nature.. And here alone, we resolved to bring back Nature to your door step and help you out in your well being..

For that we've chalked out this great program putting in our unique skills together.. Forever reverberating to the tune of Nature merging into the unending Universe!

Coming Sunday in the early morning hrs sharp at 0530 hrs our great Program takes off making a big dent in the history of man's development with Nature's Say remaining on the forefront..

Advise all of you join us for a small fee in large numbers and make this program really a grand success!"

The next Sunday early morning hrs the program started in the planned area with a great impetus the banners 
'Let Nature Vibrate As Is!' 
seen everywhere!

And as the unique sound emerging from a high pitched recorded voice suddenly spread into 
The Surrounding Environment, 
'The Early Cockoo' 
instantly stopped it's singing and flew off from the spot 
'In search of a temporary Habitat!'


  1. Oh...the irony! I'm very much a nature person. Though I've born and been brought up in a city, but nothing makes me more happy than to relax with a book in the midst of nature... :-)

    1. That's really the best habit in our life Maniparna.. Love to be nearer to Nature.. Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. What a blow Sreedharji. Everyone must read this. A small reminder of how we fail to acknowledge nature. Even when sometimes we think we are.

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Anupam.. Love your appreciation.. Thanks a lot!

  3. Superb! The irony so well brought out...