Saturday, July 30, 2016


'saha yagnah prajah srstva purovaca prajapatih
anena prasvisyadhvam esa vo stv ista kama dhuk'

'In the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma after generating all beings as a result of performance of sacrifice unto the Supreme Lord proclaimed: by performance of sacrifice may you evolve and prosper; let sacrifice bestow all that desirable for you!'

Thru' Bhagad Gita Chapter III Sloka 10 Lord Krishna says thus..

confirming that sacrifice (self denial) is the way of human life and in that context for the good of the world even Lord Brahma originally did that simultaneously advising the mankind to continue doing the same..

Thus seen, negating a part of oneself allowing limited mundane interactions is very much recommended for all by our Ancient Sacred Books..

Naturally this sacrifice of self is nothing but saying no to one self and work for others and for that all our Great Books again define the others of every individual in an order that do the real good to the world..

Noting down the basic desires of man, the people eligible to receive the good works of man are defined in Certain Relations in an order so that the people in whom the man is highly interested are put in close circles with those of lesser interest in distant circles.. And thus alone all Human relationships are defined around us in the world..

As seen from any angle, this is the original life recommended for every human being on the earth and every man is advised to be very much in these limits..

With the advancement of Science and Technology, no doubt man's life has become more organized which is very much in the line of requirement of evolution but because of an equal ease there, the pride in man too had gone up indirectly with a feeling within that 

  • 'I live myself within the Fort I built and here I'm a king by myself!'

Such thoughts in time had become stronger slowly keeping away all those wider interacting circles limiting them to the bear requirement.. And all those who were thus kept away are accessed thru' various Social Networks indirectly at the back of a satisfying feeling that's all to be done in respect of the Social Life all along forgetting the fact that exactly there alone a greater mistake is going on as..

the actual Social interactions in our life are nothing but a true physical interactions with the constant winning of good over bad, giving solutions to problems and helping out weaknesses thru' strengths.. 

And when such an entire activity misses and one simply gets away from the scene by finishing off one's interactions thru' few expressions on the web like appreciating, making a witty comment or expressing sadness in a particular situation and thus close the chapter with a great feeling within..
  • 'I very much did the required.. More than this, nothing else I need to do.. Now I'm the Emperor of my vast Empire.. None has place here except myself in total!'
the ancient ever loved bond Viz., Genuine Relationship truly suffers in our lives!
This Post is written in line with the Prompt Technology is destroying relationships. Genuine relationships are subsumed by Facebook and whatsapp... #Relationship

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    1. Rightly said, Madam.. Something we partly forgot this presently! Thanks for the good comment here!