Friday, September 2, 2016


No doubt, Realization is the Ultimate Aim of every human being
The purpose of one's life being to Elevate oneself to that level
And each is equipped with all the strength and investigation capacities
To go ahead with that search and find out the Truth! 

Till that Ultimate is reached, masking myself becomes inevitable 
As sure there would be a difference between 
My thought, speech and deed due to thick ignorance of mine 
Else every moment of life becomes unmanageable! 

Here the task of masking myself is totally left to me 
As that is forever my free wish and will within the limits of law 
And here alone I should be highly cautious and attentive 
To never allow this masking for my selfish gains! 

The layers of this mask I need today would be infinite
Be able to take out these layer by layer alone is my job on this day 
Which sure goes with past pace when 
I start doing my bounden duties with greater sincerity! 

God has plans to sure help me out in this mission of mine 
The Almighty like a lovable parent is ever observing me whether 
I'm interested in peeling off my mask or like to continue my child's play 
Ready to support me in both the directions! 

Whenever I show extra ordinary interest to pursue the Truth 
The Lord equally helps me in taking off part of my mask at one stroke 
Thus reducing the thickness required by a considerable amount
Thereby making issues of my life more transparent to the world! 

That's called the Stage of Elevation in Philosophy
When part of my ignorance falls off suddenly
Myself getting elevated permanently in my life
With greater responsibilities of life around equally attached!

Thus goes my life and my masking 
And the ultimate layer of this masking 
Falling off from me with the final Truth revealed 
Is sure ahead but when never known!

Let me thus continue the discipline of wearing this mask 
And present to the world as much as required by the world alone
And wait patiently with a Sincere Prayer in my heart
Ever doing my bounden duties to the core! 


Keywords: Realization, Almighty, God, Lord, Truth, Elevation, mask


  1. We have to continue to do our duty until final realization is achieved....A different and positive take on the prompt of masks....You have seen masks as garbs of duties we ought to do - for that only have we been born......thoughtful indeed...!

    1. You got the point very right, Sunaina.. There are a bunch of sacred duties with me thru' discharge of which to the best of my abilities alone I can rise in my life.. As these duties are specific to me which surely need my full attention in the right direction but from world point of view they are not needed to be known to the core except broader details to check by the law enforcing Agencies for their rightness.. Thus seen, the core details of all these duties with me ever remain with me and they thus remain a secret within the close circles of the family/Associations.. And to keep all such secrets, the necessary mask required by me becomes my primary duty in this context.. Thanks a lot for such an observatory comment on the Post!

  2. A beautiful and thought provoking post :)

    1. Thanks Purba.. A nice appreciative comment here!

  3. A very different perspective. Beautiful and profound.... :-)

    1. That's great of you to say so, Maniparna.. Thanks a lot!

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    1. Thank you very much Jyotirmoy..Love the comment!

    2. Forgot.. Equally thanks for promoting the Post on G+!