Tuesday, August 9, 2016


In a certain Kingdom, the King who was a benevolent Ruler all of a sudden got a good idea..
  • "Why not the landless of my Kingdom be given some land?" 
And the same had a lot of support from his Court Officials. Accordingly the King arranged a Function and announced the allotted numbers of the pieces of land to the really landless poor!

One such poor man who had become eligible to his piece of land had gone the next day to the King's Court to receive the necessary Documents. There, the ‘physical giver’ while giving the same silently said in the ears of the man, 

  • "Remember, 1/3 of this is mine and the rest alone is yours!"
The man knew that it would happen but was still satisfied with the 2/3 of the left out, took the documents and moved on to see his piece of land. On the way, the 'rowdy element' had a viscous look at him and said, 
  • “If you want to live there, hand over to me 1/3 of your allotment!”
He had no energy to raise his voice and thus was happy even with the left out. But when he physically reached the place, he noticed the 'rule enforcer' already there on the left out piece of land!

Afraid and fed up of all this, the next day itself the man decided to move to the neighborhood town hoping for a better treatment and luck there in the next allotment. On the way, as he was passing in front of the land that was taken away from him, he found all the 3 men sitting there and relaxing. They saw the man and casually asked, 

  • “Where are you going?” 
When he said that he was moving out in search of a better livelihood, they smiled and said, 
  • "My dear! Don’t go anywhere. A mile away there's ours, one more piece of land of dispute. That portion of the land, we'd like to give to you for rent. 
  • We understand that our King has plans of some more land distribution in this area. At that time we would like to include you again as landless and no one can question here because we 4 are together and none of us will complain. There's no problem. But you should start paying your rent regularly to show that you are landless and equally earn something for us too, OK?”