Friday, August 12, 2016


Originally, there was the WHOLE. A Symbol of PURE LOVE and nothing else. From the WHOLE, the PART is generated filled with 6 earthly qualities Viz.,
along with the ORIGINAL LOVE continuing..

The LOVE with the PART Searches for the ORIGINAL PEACE which is PURE LOVE but consistently ends up in confusion and sorrow as the 6 enemies by the side continuously dampen the spirit thru' a force of self interest. But this Search never stops as the WHOLE propels and the PART Searches. And the turmoil too continues which truly looks endless..

  • If the man gets up in the morning, keeps the self fit and safe, does the 8 hrs work and rests for the day.. 
the life of man would sure go on smoothly but within, he/she will not be happy and forever wants to do something more to make his/her life meaningful and useful under the propelling force of the ORIGINAL LOVE behind..

To do this, the man is equipped with 7 tools of investigation with him/her Viz.,

and he/she eternally uses them to find a meaning to the life in front. This search results in,
  • At base level, finding out a meaning to his/her existence thru' taking up family and other social responsibilities,
  • At a higher level, making scientific investigation and finding out the truths of the universe thru' experimentation and 
  • At the highest level going beyond the body and mind trying to find the ULTIMATE TRUTH in the Universe! 
When not satisfied, the Search continues and rises to Higher Plane of Action where in the love for that particular action includes more selfless activities and more people in one's folder..

Thus continues one's life eternally when ultimately the Grace of Almighty descends, the very Search ends in the PART merging with the WHOLE and the ETERNAL PEACE alone prevailing thereafter with a certain feeling of ‘ONENESS' which is nothing but '#Loveall!'

Leaving this for a while, it can easily seen that the known bridle to rise in this direction is always with the individual and that bridle is nothing but
  • 'How honest an individual is in his/her day to day dealings in the world!'
This Post is written in line with the Prompt 'Define True love, If not .....LOVE! #LoveAll

Keywords: Love, Truth, Whole, Part, Almighty

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