Monday, September 5, 2016


My initial thoughts may be.. 

“I don't like this neighbor of mine. He pokes everywhere and interferes with the personal matters often. I firmly believe that, one should respect the individuals around him/her without getting into their personal issues. Instead, this man raises unnecessary topics and hangs on to others' problems till some one has to stop and send him out on some pretext. This's really a very bad habit of this man.. I've decided to totally cut him off to avoid this daily nuisance!’’ 

But soon the refined thoughts that follow should be.. 

"'A person may be bad today but he/she is not bad forever!' 

So, the only thought that I can hold today on to myself in respect of this man is ‘His behavior does not suit me for the time being!’ This attitude alone is the best for me in the present scenario that brings true calmness in me as after a while situations change so much that sometimes the earlier 'bad' appear 'good' and the earlier 'decency' may be seen with full of 'mistakes and hypocrisy!'"

Which equally is confirmed thru' the thinking.. 

“A poison with us too has the same elements of Nature as our food, the only difference being.. The elements there are grouped and mixed in a different fashion! When certain specific chemical agents interact with these poisons, in no time they turn them into harmless compounds! Exactly in a similar way, when I play a 'Higher Role' in the society around through the 'Right Interactions' with my next man, he/she may transform himself/herself to a higher level and thus become more useful to the society/world at large! 

Am I constantly turning a blind eye to this 'Greater Task' in front of me when I deal with my neighbor by bothering only about myself?” 

Thus goes the refinement in me as I live with my Community firming up on the ultimate that I only have to change and adjust here according to the temporary situations around and thus live thru' my life happily with an extended love towards my Community in which every one is finally a true member! 

Sri Ganesha Festival of today being a Community Festival on a large scale where in Idols of Sri Ganesha from every home broadly join together in the Sacred Immersion Process expressing that Oneness ultimately, let me too take this Pledge on this Auspicious day and thus live my life in Peace! 



  1. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi, Sir. A very well written post :)

    1. Thanks Purba.. An appreciative comment here!

  2. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family... :-)

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!