Thursday, September 8, 2016


That evening after a day's out, the Little One of 4+ was seen turning very fast the huge Globe purchased by his grandpa as his birthday gift.. Seeing that, the grandpa instantly decided to teach his boy an important lesson along with the play.. He said,

"Dear, it's a model of our mother earth! Do you know our days and nights'll become shorter if our mother earth too goes faster?"

"Oh! That'll be really fun!"

said the boy looking at his grandpa with a distinct amusement seen on his face.

"No, dear! We should have only 24 hrs a day.. Else, our bodies and minds'll be confused and we become sick!"

"Oh! Then our mom earth should always go exactly at the same speed?"

"Yes.. Our inclined mom earth again goes round the sun at one speed only.. Because of that we get rains, water and all green around. Don't you want all that?"

"I like playing in rain with paper boats in the puddles!"

"Yes.. You can always do that.. So we shouldn't like faster speeds.. OK?"


"Our mom earth, our sun god and our dear stars in the sky never like super speeds and faster life!"

"OK.. Can I move my globe slow?"

"No.. Even that's also not good.. Then we won't have all our things in time and our life becomes difficult!"

"So.. We all should move at the speed our mom earth asks!"

"Not exactly.. Our mom earth allows us going faster also for our happiness but not too much.. And she is asking..

'I'm moving with my speeds round me and round the sun no more no less and so you have green plants, many animals, lots of fish, plenty of rain and water.. You want all these, Isn't it?'"

"Yes.. I love playing with my pet, I like plants in my garden and I want to see fish jumping in waters!"

"She is again asking,

'Your favorite coconut water too which you had in the afternoon today?'"

"Yes.. I love my coconut water.. It's yummy!"

"Then our mom earth is saying,

'Follow what I do and if you want, do more bit by bit only not too much anywhere!'

Shall we follow her? Then our mom earth will be very happy and we'll sure have all these with us!"

"Yes.. Yes.. I'm going to listen to all what my mom says and what my mom earth says!"

The grandpa instantly felt too happy to listen to those sweet words from his boy.. He gently patted the Little One and wished him all the best in his life!


  1. Very sweet post Sir, kids do always listen to mom :))

    1. Thanks Meenal Sonal.. Rightly said.. Yes.. Kids always love to listen to their moms and ever follow them for their good.. Nicely said!

  2. And with that the grandpa so effectively taught the principle following of the middle path to the bright child. Loved it :)

  3. Thanks Pranju.. Love the appreciative comment here!

  4. very nice, scientific and philosophical simultaneously,the child is very cute.

    1. Thank you Jyotirmoy for the appreciation.. Your observations are ever noteworthy.. And thanks too for promoting my Post on G+!