Wednesday, October 19, 2016


As a student wished for few Rupees on hand and the dad agreed to give that saying..
  • "I'm giving you here the max.. No more murmurs.. Be disciplined and study well!" 
  • "YES!"
Saying thus promised the dad instantly jumping within with an unknown joy.. Few years passed and the same pocket monies were soon less interesting.. Right in time got the job as per the qualification..
  • "He gets a 4 figure salary!"
Was the then talk in his friends' circles..
  • "Finally got what I wanted!"

Were the then his thoughts.. Again few years passed..
  • "This Salary should go up.. How long to take these small amounts and continue the same life style!"
Was the constant murmur from him.. Soon became the Manager at a very young age with monies in hand gone up quite a bit..
  • "Now I can adapt to a decent life style!"
Were his instant joyous thoughts.. But quickly noticed that larger monies sure were needed to meet the aspirations aimed at in bringing up the family to the best level.. And every moment the then thought was,
  • "Money, Money and Money!" 
In time it was a very Senior Post.. The Boss said,
  • "I am paying the highest salary here!"
Yes.. Truly that could afford buying a decent flat in prime location.. But the aspiration was no less..
  • "Nothing less than owning a Bungalow!" 
And that found its own way in 2 yrs when the Chamber carried the Board ‘The General Manager’ with his salary and bonuses together running in 6 figures..
  • "This is life!" 
Was almost firmed up the then thought of him.. But that satisfaction having lived short time, the provoking thought took over…
  • "This job soon wishes 'Goodbye' to me thru' retirement putting all my capabilities to a corner.. Right time to start own business where the returns are going to be phenomenal!"
The Next 10 years had gone unnoticed making the best out of the situation..
  • "A very successful man in his life!" 
Were the comments around.. But was heard on an evening while chatting with a close friend..
  • "Dear! Am now 65 and people say that I earned lot.. But I know my bank balances.. These monies are nothing compared to the assets of the bigwigs around me in the field and………."
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  1. Well, yes. There's no end to the desires. And you can't get what you want every time. You have to learn to appreciate what you have. Admirable post from you reminding an eternally relevant lesson Sir.

    1. Thanks Jitendra.. Truly the right and the appreciative comment on the Post.. Love the same!

  2. We are always in the pursuit of something or the other. In the process, we fail to live at present and seize all that life has to offer! Always pushing boundaries and wanting more, rarely do we feel satisfied with what is available. When our legs are tired of running, we stop, take a look at the path traveled so far only to observe that we were ever running and never living!! Post is highly relevant to the current situation, sir!! Thanks :-)

  3. Rightly said Manasaa.. Somewhere we should be happy with what we have and start looking at life from a different angle which if seen in depth gives entirely a different meaning to it which hitherto we never thought of.. Money is one main issue I discussed here; equally follow Power and Politics.. Thanks for such an explanatory and appreciative comment on the Post.. Best Wishes!

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