Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It was a splitting headache within as I couldn't find solution to the problem in front.. A situation from where, I can neither get away nor get into my routine with the usual drive.. But no go.. Life has to be lived thru' with not much choice and with a tiny hope in a corner expecting betterment, I was just pulling on from moment to moment..

Being a holiday a few friends were with me and all, after lunch decided to watch the Classic Movie on the DVD Player.. Time moved on for a while and soon as the Movie truly kept every one under its grip, I silently moved to my room to rest for a while with the agony and anguish within continuing..

Slowly my eyes became heavier, certain sleep had almost descended on me with the conversations and talk of my friends in the hall hitting my ears in a low tone..
  • “I almost cry whenever I SEE this movie.. It's really touching even though we know that it's just a fiction!” 
  • “PAUSE here for a while.. Don't want to miss the continuation.. Am back in 5 mts!” 
  • “No, just can’t see this.. Please FORWARD!” 
  • “Want to see the earlier sequence of events.. Can you just TAKE IT BACK?’” 
  • “Can you REDUCE THE VOLUME a little? Too loud!” 
  • "‘Hello! Who's speaking? One minute..’ Can you please keep SILENCE and MUTE the program for a while? I got a call!"
  • “Shall we SWITCH OFF the TV for the day? It's time for….”
Suddenly I noticed the wise man of our area whom I used to approach for advice in my day to day problems heard saying something and seen walking slowly towards me as his voice became distinct and clear.. 
  • “Why don't you too SEE the Truth often where it's not you always that's right but the other man also and thus cleanse your consciousness?” 
  • “Why are you too not PAUSING in your life once in a way to Meditate on the Reality?” 
  • “Why not you too equally FAST FORWARD all such memories which really serve no purpose in your life except giving you self satisfaction of dominating others?” 
  • “Can you too TAKE BACK your thoughts to ponder over for a while on the many wrongs done by you (invariably) under the influence of a flood of emotions with a promise not to repeat that again?” 
  • “Can you too equally start SPEAKING LESS and doing more from now as those actions alone ultimately do wonders compared all that you are into presently?” 
  • “Why not you too equally rise to the occasion forgetting many of the earlier usual wrongs done by others thru' SILENCE for a while?” 
  • “Why not you too equally SWITCH OFF all that conflict in you, sleep peacefully and get up tomorrow morning fresh with an open mind to an entirely new life in front?” 
The dream suddenly ended with a loud laughter from my group and happy clapping.. It appeared the movie ended with every one feeling quite happy and contented.. As I got up rubbing my eyes and stepped into the hall, one of the members remarked, "Were you sleeping?  Oh! You missed the best part of the movie.. The end is truly Classic.. We thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Instantly, I with all warmth at the back of a great renewed energy smiled at them saying within myself softly..

"No dear! Like you I too could watch, not the usual movie but the eternal movie (drama) of my mind crystal clear and I can say now with all firmness that the end here is not just a feeling of watching a Classic Master Piece.. Sure a million times worth that experience! 


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  1. The conclusion is truly magical!! Didn't see it coming! Like few movies (your example here)that touch hearts, this post isn't just a string of words but voices of life..speaking directly to one's heart. Touched me, moved me and I find myself retrospecting! There lies your success! It is a delight to read your posts, Sir! More to learn!

    1. Thanks Manasaa.. Your comment too is truly classical.. Am happy that I could convey here the message to my Readers in a dramatic form with the usual life ours continuing by the side.. And I promise to bring out similar Posts in future for the benefit of my ardent Readers.. Best Wishes!

    2. And equally thanks Manasaa for joining the Site!

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    1. That's nice of to say so Durga Prasad.. Love the comment!

    2. A correction: 'nice of you to say so'

  3. Missed the submission date to Blogadda as the Post could not be kept ready in time.. Welcome your comments!

  4. The way you draw the conclusion in outstanding. An inspiring post as always... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for the appreciation.. A nice comment here!

  5. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post G+!

  6. sometime we must take a pause to analyze the life.....inspiring post. Loved reading it.

    1. Yes.. Rightly said Jyotirmoy.. A slight different outlook helps here a lot.. Thanks for concurrence on the Post!