Sunday, October 23, 2016


  • Under youthful compulsions having got involved in certain activities which He was sure His father never approved, He firmed up, wrote on a piece of paper the wrongs He had done and silently handed over it to his ailing father asking him to pardon him promising never to repeat that in his life!
  • When came to know that a close acquaintance was plotting to kill Him, one night He straight away went to his house and as the acquaintance opened the door, smiled and said, "I'm here at your doorstep right now and here's the knife.. You can complete your job you planned.. I never informed about this to any one!"
  • When the Judge acquitted Him of not guilty and freed Him, He said with all firmness, "I don't want to go from here with the issue in front unresolved!"
  • When came to know that His roommate was into certain unethical activities, He straight headed to his room and having caught the roommate red handed, instantly asked him to leave His room.. When that man threatened to defame Him too there, He said with all firmness, "I don't care.. You just leave the place and go from here!"
  • Whenever someone used to praise Him, feeling highly uncomfortable He vehemently used to search for the defects in Him and as soon as found one used to declare, "I'm not that great.. I too have a defect!"
  • Seen as their Right with tenants of his houses continue staying in the premises, he quickly made them owners of the respective houses by straight away surrendering His ownership to them!
  • Having understood that the basic purpose of marriage is continuation of the progeny as per the Nature's requirement, at one stage with full concurrence from his spouse, he took a Vow to practice Brahmacharya for the rest of his life and accordingly lived thru' that!
  • Misunderstanding His principles of non violence, as the inmates of Ashram passively kept quite when the place was attacked in His absence, on return knowing fully what happened, He remarked, "Instead of surrendering thus, I would have been truly happy had you fought courageously against the wrong doers!"
  • In His Ashram amidst many reptiles, a few times with the dangerous ones too moving freely, His ever instruction there was, "Unless they are in an attacking mode, we will not disturb their living as much as possible!"
  • When someone cautioned Him saying that the enemy was too powerful, He smiled and said, "They may torture me or kill me and nothing more they can do.. I'm prepared for both!" 

These are sure the certain Noble Acts of
  • Self Surrender,
  • Self Restraint,
  • Self Denial and 
  • Self Sacrifice
which the Great Man had preached, practiced and lived thru' His life ultimately becoming the True Hero in the eyes of even the powerful enemy too against whom He put up passive resistance thru' the Nonviolent Movement and got us our Sacred Independence..

He is none other than 
Our Father of Nation 
Sri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 
and forever being
The Great Personality of Yesteryears 
sure remains as 
The Silent Supreme Hero
in hearts of many of us for the 
Exemplary Truthful Life
He lead on this earth ever trying to establish
Peace and Harmony in Human Life!

And the best thing about my country is that such a Great Personality was born in this country,

Worked with a never ending dedication thru' continuous sacrifice,
Fought against the Mighty Empire thru' the Principle of Non-violence alone 
Secured total freedom for millions of its citizens! 

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  1. I'm immensely happy to read this we find so few people today who appreciate Gandhi's greatness.

    1. Thank you very much Tomichan.. Whatever be the opinions, the Great Man was truly an embodiment of sacrifice and that distinct quality alone ultimately did the right and brought the change required in the surroundings.. Nothing else worked there to move away the Mighty Empire.. Love the comment!

  2. Hats off to you Sir for penning this post. In today's world, it's hard to find Gandhi's admirers with his detractors ruling the roost. With my reservations on certain acts of his public life, I have been his great admirer. That's why I have penned reviews of My Experiments with Truth and the movie Gandhi (made by Richard Attenborough) You must be glad to know that I have written a one-act play also (in Hindi) seeking inspiration from his life and philosophy. And finally, I firmly believe in his dictum - 'TRUTH IS GOD'. For me also, there is no other God than Truth, Justice and Virtues of Life. Once again hearty thanks and compliments to you Sir.

    1. Thanks Jitendra.. A great appreciation on the Post.. Nice to hear that you have penned your reviews on the Autobiography of Bapu and on the film and authored the one-act play based on the inspiration from The Great Man's life.. If a link is sent to me, I'd like the read the same..And thanks for your compliments!

  3. Everybody tries these days to be a fake hero....Values, like the ones you have mentioned, very few have....The ability to accept on'e own mistake, and the strength to fight the wrong-doers are very rare qualities indeed, and ones essential to becoming a true hero. Gandhi succeeded because of this strength that he had.

    1. Very rightly confirmed here, Sunaina.. Yes.. Bapu had this Great Strength within Him and that's why even the mighty British Empire ultimately had no go but withdraw from our country.. Thanks for a nice supportive comment here!

  4. Every word you penned shows how much of an admirer you're, Sir!! I have always considered him and I still do, as the epitome of sacrifice and benignity. Both are the strong reasons behind the what, the how and the why of being whom we are today! Yes, there are people who have difference of opinion.. but he is the man of principles and we must appreciate the best in any person ignoring the rest (after all, he is also a human and a human can never truly be sans negativity) You have reminded us of his greatness through your post, Sir!!

    1. Thanks Manasaa for the best appreciative comment on the Post.. You said it very much right.. Gandhiji truly showed us the light in our life thru' nothing but sacrificing his own life there at many stages.. In the words of Albert Einstein, the praise of him goes thus.. "It's a wonder for future generations to know at any point of time that such a man lived in flesh and blood on this earth!" Very rightly said!

    2. Thanks Sir :-) And it is the first time I get to know of Albert Einstein's praise of him. True to his words, I,post-Independence born woman, still am in awe of Gandhiji and his sacrifices!!

  5. Absolutely, the Mahatma was an incarnation of what human values stand for - patience, perseverance, and supreme sacrifice for the actualization of goals, glad that he walked this planet and this post is a true dedication to the great soul.

    1. Very rightly confirmed here, Sunita Sriram.. That's the true appreciation on the Post.. Gandhji's contribution to our country in particular and the humanity in general can never be seen less at anytime.. Thanks for one of the best comments on the Post!