Friday, October 21, 2016


"Sir! I understand that I'm a bundle of beliefs and follower of rituals.. No doubt, with proper rationalization and firmness of mind, I can say 'No' to many of these and some of them I can manage not to influence my living but with respect to a few, I doubt whether I can say 'No' to them at this point of time in my life.. Can you share your thoughts on this?"
  • "Dear! No doubt, rationalization and scientific enquiry are the basis for questioning anything in this life but you should remember that there's a limit to this when the issues become too personal..
  • There as I would be more identifying myself with those beliefs and rituals, straight away saying 'No' to that my 'self' is truly a herculean task and equally never advised by the Great Personalities of the world..
  • Instead, a medium path of living with them by the side is advised simultaneously never leaving the spirit of questioning with me all along remembering the fundamental law of Nature Viz.,

Any tiny movement of mine in respect of
Expanding as well as Asserting myself 
in my life sure leads to 
A certain inevitable 'Less' around 
without a single exception 
As long as my body and mind are a reality with me..
With such a reality around me 
I should constantly try my best to lessen this 'Less' I cause around 
wherein my discipline in general starts with 
A Rule Bound Attitude from me without an exception! 
  • And that doing alone makes me see directly the interference of my beliefs and rituals to the sacred task I have taken up instantly making me drop them off and go ahead with a renewed energy within me.. 
  • As I thus move in my life, I soon would hit a 'dead stop' beyond which I may not be able to drop off my beliefs and rituals and the only way there is continue living that life 'As Is' but ever remembering what the Great Men had said towards the Ultimate Perfection Viz., 
'It's not important what type of life I lead in this world but 
With what state of mind I leave this world!'
'If all the Creatures of the Universe queue up 
in the descending order of their capabilities, 
I would like to be behind the last One!'"

Keywords: Beliefs, Rituals, Great Men


  1. Very deep and intricate philosophy Sir. Partially understood, partially not. Thanks for the enlightenment all the same.

  2. Thanks Jitendra.. Love the comment.. I agree that it's a bit difficult to catch up the message here but repeated reading, definitely may clear the doubts if any.. I promise, I try bringing out the future Posts with more simple definitions of the subject.. Once again thanks for the interest taken and patience shown.. Best wishes!