Friday, November 4, 2016


'A Great Personality was sailing across High Seas.. On the ship, there were many groups of people who segregated themselves from other groups and were busy with their own activities..

All of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship.. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man-made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship in the middle of the boisterous Sea!

All passengers in no time became one and started Praying to the Almighty chanting a single Line of Prayer..

  • "Oh, God! Do Save us and Further Take Care!”
Soon the cyclone came down in its intensity to the relief of all and in few hours later totally vanished from the scene.. 

And the passengers again segregated back themselves to their smaller groups and were busy in their own activities.. The Great Man thought,

  • “How nice had the prayerful attitude and togetherness been continued now too along with the usual life activities!”'
On learning about the incident, my mind became very attentive.. Yes! Such moments are very much possible in one's life whatever care one may take to protect oneself.. They are the threatening moments of life totally engulfed with
  • A fear that grips one with levels of unknown intensity..
  • A fear which makes the most powerful too incapacitated the next moment..
  • A fear at the back of which the immediate life of intense involvement looks just meaningless..
  • A fear which seems to have to no end and 
  • A fear where in the next man is seen equally helpless to help out!
At that juncture, suddenly a great strength had dawn in me affirming very much.. "Yes.. This and similar fears of life have a base and equally no base..
  • The base is the memory of incidents or happenings seen or heard in life 
  • The baselessness is out of the fact that what happens next moment no one knows even though I plan meticulously my future, keep all issues under control from my side and take every precaution required in the situation! 
Thus seen, a sincere and dutiful prayer to the Almighty alone is the solution here after discharging my ordained duties with a true inner feeling that
  • All people around too similarly had planned their lives in their best interests, 
  • Their plans should equally yield results for them for their own betterment 
  • I am never great at any time assessing them backed by my achievements that equally come up in due course!" 
Instantly my moment became dynamic and moved forward with an unknown inner strength in me!

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  1. Great Summative post Sir nut true that Life is very unpredictable.

    1. Thanks Roma for a nice supportive comment here!

  2. Interesting post showcasing the power of prayers...
    A very good read :)

    Cheers - Kritika (

    1. Rightly said Kritika.. Duty bound attitude with a Prayer deep in heart to the Almighty gives us enormous strength to live thru many trivial problems of live with total calmness.. Thanks for the good comment here!

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    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation, Ruchi Mayank.. A nice comment!

  4. Very nice post, a positive one, but i have a question....what about those cyclones that did not stop and smashed the lives?
    ok, not opposing u....actually sometime i find it hard to jeep my faith on prayers and all these.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the nice appreciative comment.. In respect of the doubt raised, it's just a subjective perception and as such I leave that discussion!

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    1. Thanks Anupriya.. A nice appreciative comment here on the Post!

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    1. Thanks Geeta.. A nice appreciation on the Post!