Sunday, January 8, 2017


"How was your experience in shifting to your new home?"

"Oh! It was a hectic effort all the way to take care of my precious items and move them safely to the new house.. I was physically present on the spot from the time the manpower and the vehicle arrived.. Soon I was following up the activities as the men 

  • Loaded the items into the huge transport truck all tied up,  
  • Carefully unloaded them at the new place and 
  • Positioned them neatly in the respective rooms temporarily.. 
In spite of such a care too, in the process,
  • One man broke an item, 
  • Another spoiled the function of another and 
  • A third carelessly dropped the third..
I never yielded and straight away deducted the respective costs from the money I had to pay them as I clearly remember to this day too, how much I struggled to 

  • Survey and search, 
  • Locate and select and 
  • Pay and move those items home..

Subsequently, I sent the labor away so that I could at leisure open the packages and re arrange my items to my satisfaction without any disturbance.. 

"Okay.. You too shifted to your new home some time back; wasn't it?  How was your experience then?  Was it similar?"

"No.. Not at all.. Mine was totally smooth and care free.. First of all, I didn't have too many items with me.. The people working for me at the old place and the men who helped in my shifting expected something from me.. I gave them away

  • Some of my unused items freely, 
  • Few old useful items for a negotiable price and 
  • One new piece for the Service and Help I got without which I couldn't have completed my job of shifting.. 
  • Asked me to be at my own ease, 
  • Arranged all my essentials and other decorative pieces in the right places, 
  • Wished me all the best in my new house and went away contented.. 
All said and done, I had nothing to do further and retired to my bed early that night with a feeling of
  • Lightness in my actions, 
  • Happiness in my heart and 
  • Contentment with my people who helped me in the job! 
Keywords: lightness, happiness, content


  1. Good lessons for true happiness! Thanks!

  2. Good one on he outcome of attitudes!

    1. That's the nice comment here, Rajeev.. Thanks for the same!

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the appreciation.. And thanks too for promoting the Post on G+!