Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The Sun had set for the day and the evening breeze started cooling off the day's heat.. The man rang up to his friend..

  • "Yaar! It's already 6 PM.. By the time we reach the Market and finish our buying...."
  • "Just 10 minutes, dear! The last part of the work.. It took 2 solid hrs to complete this work which looked so simple in the beginning.. God! What pressures our bosses are bringing on us these days!"
  • "Mine too was not less.. Luckily, as I anticipated this and started my work yesterday itself, I could at least come to this stage.. Rest of it.. Am doing tomorrow only.. I need to shop a lot for this festival.. We can't miss anything here.. What do you say?"
  • "You are right.. I tell you.. Our Bosses need to plan well in advance.. If they really do that, most of these stayings beyond shift hrs can be avoided and if not the time of each stay can at least be cut down.. See.. Tomorrow is the most important festival of ours and we are still hanging to our Office at this odd hr.. Okay.. Let's move on.. I know.. This story never ends!"
Soon the two friends moved to the near by Market Place and parked their shared vehicle in the parking area.. The next 2 hrs they were totally busy with their purchases and finally entered the last shop at 9 PM..There was none seen in the shop..
  • “Hi! We are interested to buy a few........... Seems none is here to attend to us.. We need to finish and go quickly and have no patience to wait........”
The Owner busy in a corner instantly attended to them saying, 
  • “Sir! Please be seated.. We are there in a minute.. Mr. Dilip! Where are you? Come here quickly!”
And went inside.. A soft voice was heard requesting..
  • “Saab! You know.. My Mom is not well.. I need to go now and take care……”
  • “Dear! Let's not do anything to displease our Customers.. Then I'll lose them and you'll lose your job.. Just two last Customers.. Attend to them and make them happy.. Meanwhile, I’ll speak to your Mom and find out if she can put up with an hr's delay.. Then, I tell you.. We would have sure done a good job for the day.. Okay?” 
The tough voice was equally heard counselling and demanding!

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  1. Sad reality today.... Priorities are heavily loaded towards you know who...

    1. Rightly said Rajeev..Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!