Sunday, January 22, 2017


I decided to make certain New Year Resolution for Yr 2017 and
As I looked back over years, I soon recollected my memory that I made many such Resolutions all over the years some, 
partly implemented, many never and the rest 50-50..
I got wondered.. 
'What's the use of these Resolutions when I rarely succeed in implementing them up?'
But there was an instant Message to me.. 
"That's exactly the reason why you should make the Resolutions every year and see yourself how determined you are when it comes to the daily actions in respect of those!"
Firmed up at the back of that strong Message, I decided on my single Resolution for the current year.. Viz.,

'Let me in every action of mine have a lesser say of mine making space for others, whatever be the situation all along keeping the tempo of Truth Ruling the maximum!'

No doubt I know I fail here sure and miserably too a few times, but unless this pledge is made on my behalf whatever be the age, whatever be the situations and whatever be the requirements, this life has no meaning beyond as what all I call my own very much propelled by the so called my 'self' will sure has to taper off with life in general taking over the charge..

Having firmed up in that line, I, the 'intuition' within looked at my 'self' and asked..
"Am I better?"
My 'self' within was laughing at me..
"Soon you will know!"
I was taken a back by such an answer and instantly questioned back
"What does that mean?"
I was never let off with a light answer but was smothered saying..
"People for centuries did these exercises and have fallen flat.. You are no great in that list!"
I gave back saying,
"May be I'm not great.. But somewhere, I have to make a beginning.. I think this is the best way known to me!"

And our further debate went on thus..
"Okay.. Have your resolutions.. No problem.. Who can stop you from that? But in implementation only, we know where you will be!"
"Leave that.. Even if I do partly, it's worth.. I don't need to be a 100% achiever here!"
"Okay dear!  We will see.. What that partly means.. I challenge!'
"Am not that gone.. Okay.. I too Challenge!"

The 'Wisdom' in me suddenly was seen holding me there and advising..
"You have already forgotten your Resolution in a sec.. What's point in talking further?"
I got bewildered and looked at my 'Wisdom'..

"Yes.. That's how your 'self' over takes you in secs and put you flat.. Here forever patience, perseverance and duty bound attitude alone are the virtues.. Take their help liberally, I am sure you sail thru' all such blockades safely and reach your destination..

Further, a firm belief within that 
'The Almighty alone Moves; I'm just a speck in that Eternal Movement!' 
Followed by an Ardent Prayer to the Lord 
at the end of the Day sure completes 
your upkeep of the Resolution!" 

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New Year, Resolution


  1. Nice resolution. Hope everyone will learn from the wisdom in these words. The year has so much to offer. Zen love from

    1. Thanks Nikhil.. Great words of praise.. Love the comment!

  2. Yes, these signs that wisdom gives us, will drive us to reach our destination safely.

  3. Yes, these signs that wisdom gives us, will drive us to reach our destination safely.

  4. Thanks for the appreciation.. A good comment on the Post!