Saturday, January 21, 2017


The Great Saint narrated a story thus..

'The rich man of the town one night had a very bad dream.. In his dream, he suddenly lost his monies, name and fame at one stroke.. Further to that, he was arrested over some charges and straight away was put in a Cell.. The night became too cold and the man was utterly helpless in his Cell weeping all alone away from the warmth of his family.. He was looking at every corner for solace and nothing seemed helpful at that moment.. 

All of a sudden he woke up from his terrible dream profusely sweating and gasping for breath and instantly found himself in his own home with the comfort of his family sleeping by his side all his wealth, name and fame being intact.. The man felt highly happy and relaxed with nothing really lost and further went back to sleep blissfully for the rest of the night!

In a similar manner, One who is truly delivered and freed from the turmoils of mundane life with its own conflicts and sorrows thru' Perception of Truth i.e., Reality in life instantly experiences Eternal Bliss and remains totally Peaceful!'

Thus the Great Saint thru' the story had communicated to the world His Own experience of Reality or Truth or Divinity whatever name we may give which He truly had seen, experienced and lived thru' His Life but..

When applied to me in my life with my own limitations, that may remain a distant mirage as I, continuously busy myself chasing the unending issues of my life with their firm hold on me but if I could rise up a bit and start looking at my life from a different perspective, the story equally unfolds a Sacred Message to me too embedded therein at my own level which goes thus..

No doubt the Rose is beautiful
But it has its own thorn..
I may have no go here other than constantly living amidst such attractions of life which are dearer to me and feel comforted but
equally I can be conscious of the thorn by the side all along
thereby limiting my involvement
to a medium level of fulfilling simultaneously
practicing a certain renunciation from my end constantly meditating on the lines..

'I may be far, far removed away from the Reality as is but
that Known to me this day as Relative Reality I will not negate and 
live my life at that level thru' a certain definite sacrifice
and doing my associated duties with total dedication
and thus rise continuously!'

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.' 
(Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged.. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

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  1. To acknowledge the presence of the pain thorn gives amidst the beauty of the rose, to know that there will be both pain and comfort, love and loss, life and death, to expand our mind to receive the 'warring' thoughts - to live life without restricting ourselves to our own perceptions - that is life indeed...

    1. Great Thoughts exactly befitting the understanding the Philosophy of life, Sunaina.. Nothing less you said.. That's the life ours forever filled with dualities.. Thanks for the unique comment here on the subject!

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  3. You have nicely elucidated with examples.

  4. Thanks Durga Prasad.. Love the comment!