Friday, January 13, 2017


Before talking of any past specific dream I had in my life, I constantly muse of over the below mentioned funny talk between two individuals.. Two men were conversing..

“I invariably get few dreams when I sleep!”
“So nice of you! Must be having sweet dreams?”
“No! Almost all the time they are bad dreams only!”
“I see! It’s OK.. Any dream is always worth having!”
“Not just bad dreams.. Many times, they are very bad dreams..”
“Is it so?”
“Yes! And of late, some of these bad dreams are turning out to be nightmares too!”
“Oh! It's strange!”
“And some of the nightmares are too scary.. When I wake up from such dreams, I'll be simply lost for a while!”
“My God! Are they so bad?”
“You don’t know? Don't you dream in your sleep?”
“How nice? You are really a lucky man!”
“Actually, not so!”
“I’ve a chronic Sleep Problem.. Most of the times I don't sleep at all and if slept too, it's just a disturbed one many times!”

Having thus understood the priority of sleep over dreaming, it never mattered to me all along what dreams I had in my life as long as the pestering problems of life don't rob my basic sleep since those problems in reality are stranger than dreaming myself unable to come out of those noose tight nets..

All said and done, still my mind craves for a life of total freedom and peace and when I pondered over a way that to materialize, I could narrow down to 10 disciplines of life if I can follow to whatever extent would sure ensure me that Viz.,

  • The Real achievement in my life is the ability to leave a few issues as they are!
  • There's no worse action on my behalf other than the one imagined by me!
  • None can elevate me; I've to do it myself! 
  • Someone else should not define my life!
  • The force that brought me into this world won't listen to me so easily!
  • When destiny strikes, it always strikes to awaken me; unfortunately I only miss that opportunity every time! 
  • None is going to become better in relation to me by myself doing an extra for him/her! 
  • The obedient and the rebelling personalities loose in the long run.. Let me ever be away from these extremities!
  • I may not be smart but I can well survive in the world by allowing the smarter ones overtake me.. Have I thought of this? 
  • People who talk aloud, shout and appear unreasonable ultimately come down in their approach when I remain calm and express the exact requirement!
That in fact became the dream of my life, no doubt in the past, partly fulfilled when my attention was at peak and equally watered down when the self interest overtook that attention in a fraction of time and thus continues this day too!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Have you ever seen an interesting or strange dream? Have any of such dreams come true? Do you try to figure out the meaning of your dreams? #Dreams

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