Wednesday, January 18, 2017


10 days post demonetization was a hectic period with every one keeping themselves busy with the deposit of their old currencies and withdrawing the new 2000 Notes released along with 100 Notes as well as the lower denominations over the bank counters..
  • Simultaneously switching over to the card and internet payments wherever possible!
Beyond, as the days moved on with the cash crunch actively playing its role at the back of hectic criticism from various News Agencies and News Channels, it was a great excitement to hear all of a sudden that a few ATMs in the neighborhood were calibrated
  • Making available 2000 Notes, limited to issue of one note per day/per account!
For a while, it was again a hectic activity of constantly being aware of which ATM near by was loaded with 2000 Notes with change problem all along persisting on a day myself noticing a man in front of me in the queue
  • Sighing and saying that he had just Rs 1800 in his account!

The 3 wheeler driver with me as his passenger requested me on a day to accommodation his 14 yr son too along with me to leave him for a while at a specific ATM on the way to keep his queue number as he could complete a few near by trips and
  • Wait for a call from his boy that his turn was due!
As days moved on thus, soon news was around that 500 Notes too were out and the next day, myself with a great enthusiasm got the limited first 4 new 500 Notes issued to me by the bank for the day

  • Which were instantly preserved carefully for exigencies!
The next outlook was for these Notes to be available in ATMS as by that time availability of 2000 Notes had become routine but that didn't take place for quite sometime except getting a few more 500s at the bank counter and thus sailed the life when suddenly the news spread like a wild fire that 
  • A few nearby ATMs were loaded with 500 Notes with the daily limit simultaneously enhanced to Rs 4500!
For a while, it was a hectic effort to draw all the 500 Notes with this limit in long queues all along 3 times operating each time inputting Rs 1500 and carefully see that 500 Notes alone were given for the day requesting the next man in the queue for patience with some one in the queue making a witty comment on the first day..
  • 'Let's hope the machine does not dispense one old 1000 and 500 Note each!'
Having mastered that technic of fast operation, on a day as I selected the Fast Cash of Rs 1500 in an ATM, instantly a message appeared on screen saying 'Requested Cash cannot be dispensed'.. Thinking that there were no 500 Notes in the Machine as I was about leave the place waiting for the green light to come up..
  • Suddenly the machine made a big sound and to my surprise straight away delivered a 2000 Note!
On another day a young man behind me in the queue appeared to be not much aware of such an operation, when asked me whether the Machine was giving 500 Notes, as I proudly explained to him how to input 3 times to get all his 500s for the day, he just said,
  • 'I can draw one 500 Note only as my account has just Rs 700 balance!'
And those were the days whenever I started approaching my bank ATM during bank off hrs, some person there invariably used wave and say if Notes were available or not from a distance itself..
  • Thus saving my precious energies of walking up to the ATM and return empty handed!
Time moved on thus and with the dead line for deposit of old currencies being over, the bank staff had a breathing time
  • To answer me on other banking queries with the life coming to a semi normal state!
Whatever be the aim, as the plus and minus of demonetization went around thru' hot debates in all TV Channels and News Papers..
  • One issue was crystal clear during this 10 weeks time that passed Viz.,
The life style of the super well-offs as well as the well-offs seen going on totally smooth undisturbed as the common man with no such extra means by the side sure taking a certain extra pain in supporting the cause and streamlining his/her life indirectly confirming the oft quoted Democratic Saying..
  • 'In Democracy all are equal but some are more equal!'
Without an exception!

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  1. I believe, the super-well-offs and well-offs, you are mentioning had probably smooth transition during demonitization period, because, they were already working cashless, using all possible means. I, myself, never had to visit bank during that time. I was infact surprised, that I did not carry even a single 500 or 1000 rs note with me to get exchanged. Looking at the brighter side, even people who were unaware or were ignoring the change towards cashless, are actively trying to learn all new methods of transaction.

    1. I agree with what you say and sure people got partly adjusted to cashless transactions but what I mentioned at the end pertains to one issue that ever needs to be addressed and but many times never addressed thru' what ever reforms brought around Viz., Has the life of the weakest man around become a little better or the usual exploration and pressure of life on him/her remain the same? If the answer is positive or would be positive in the coming days, sure the right job is done.. Thanks for the good comment here!

    2. And thanks too for promoting the Post on G+!

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    1. Thanks Jitendra.. A few Realities of life!