Monday, January 16, 2017


That night as I tossed on my bed restlessly pondering over the sizable charity I did for the day and the unfortunate loss of equal money I faced that evening as a trickster outsmarted me and made me part with that, the Wise Man in distance was heard advising,

"If you give in charity wholeheartedly, you sure get back much more return!"

Hearing that, I screamed at the top of my voice..

"It's straight away a double loss for me here!"

The Wise Man smiled at me and continued..

"You have basically forgotten that people are with you in all your actions.. When you interact with them thru' charity, those interactions go on at 3 levels Viz.,

  • At mind level as a routine when you are left with a feeling that you did a praiseworthy job as per your status..
  • At heart level as an emotion when you are left with a satisfaction that you could help some one who truly needed help in the situation and
  • At personality level as a certain deep Understanding when you are filled with a unique feeling that 
God indirectly reminding you that you have more and asking you live with less!

And in a situation too where that parting happened to be a forcible one, such an Understanding broadens to a feeling of

Educating yourself on the care missing from your end 
and pardoning the wrong doer at a certain level!

All this ultimately culminates to a state of mind of negating your own with the gap between the feelings of giving and losing becoming smaller and smaller tending towards the Ultimate Reality in Life Viz.,

'I'm neither a Giver nor a Loser as nothing is truly mine!'

Why don't you rise yourself in that line of thinking and be at peace?"

With the strange dream ending all of a sudden, I got up, instantly felt an unknown calmness within bereft of all that untold misery I experienced that night and the next moment got readied myself for that day's busy activities!

The Post is wriiten in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Have you ever seen an interesting or strange dream? Have any of such dreams come true? Do you try to figure out the meaning of your dreams? #Dreams

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