Friday, January 20, 2017


That evening, the Little One was extra fussy.. He refused to eat his food saying,
“Want that!” 
Pointing at the moon in the sky..

The mom quickly showed him the moon in a small mirror and said, 
"See, dear! I got the moon for you!"
The boy was extra smart.. He alternately looked at the moon in the mirror and in the sky and said, 
“That one.. That one!” 
pointing at the moon in the sky and confirming that the old trick would not work with him.. 

“OK! I’ll get the moon for you!”
Saying thus the mom instructed her brother to position a ladder on to the nearby compound wall, go up the ladder, wield a rope with loop and pretend for a while as if he was catching the moon..
As her brother soon started doing that in front of the boy, she looked at her child and said, 

“See, dear! even with a rope also the moon is not coming down.. What else shall we do now?" 
observing his reaction all along..
The Little Boy was totally amused with all that.. Seeing that, the mom continued..
“I've a Plan.. We'll finish our dinner and wait here.. When the moon slowly comes nearer, we'll suddenly catch him with the rope.. OK?" 

No need to say that the boy was thrilled beyond with the mom's loving words exactly fitting his the then understanding level and instantly agreed to eat his food.. The Little One soon forgot all that, played for while with his mom and fell asleep in a short while.. And the Mom carefully stored the ladder and rope for such questions expected from the Little One in the coming days..


Days passed thus and in no time the boy turned to 5+ school going..
One day as the grandma called the family on video chat, started conversing with her grandson who all along was seen busily concentrating on something and commented on the chill winters prevailing around saying, 

"Dear! Your place is too cold compared to ours.. I don't know why is so much cold at your place!" 
The boy continuing his work without raising his head instantly replied to her with all firmness.. 
"That's because I am far, far away from equator grandma and the sun's rays are more slanting here!" 

That cute answer from the boy instantly mesmerized every one around at the back of his reasoning skill which had solely grown in him from a zero level as the mom behind worked incessantly in grooming her boy instilling the timely inputs required in the process.. 
A great job sure done with 100% sincerity! 

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  1. That happens with time and education.

  2. Yes, Jyotirmoy for which the grooming of the Little One with all necessary inputs in respect of health and safety is very much required for which the mother works day and night without stop.. Thanks for the good comment here!