Saturday, January 14, 2017


"You know dear! When you were small I once made you repeat your Prayer and kneeling before God asked to you to say.. 
'Baba..Take care of me.. Jai Sairam!' 
and as I stopped at 
due to unexpected cough, you waited for a sec and hearing nothing from me continued saying.. 
'Baba.. Baba.. Black Sheep.. Have you any wool?' 
and we all burst into a laughter!" 
"Yes, grandma.. I was a baby then!" 
"Will you do such things now?" 
"No.. I won't.. I'm a big boy now! See.. Am helping Mommy in storing 

Her fruits and vegetables.. Babies can't do these works!" 

"Yes, Mom.. He had grown now.. Sure understands the context!" 

"What dear, you are telling me? He is just 5 yrs kid and I know how kids of this age talk and respond.. Whatever you say, a kid is a kid.. Wait.. I'll show you his kiddish mentality in a minute and how he believes in what I say.. Dear! I need a favor from you.. Come nearer.. I want to hug you!" 
"Okay, grandma.. I'm here.. But that's not a favor!" 
"Oh! Is it? Right.. Now do this favor.. Help me in arranging...." 
"That too is not a favor.. It's a help!" 
"Oh.. You know so much.. Okay.. Leave that.. Tell me.. Sometime back, I taught you the Sloka 
'Ramaskandam Hanumantham..' 
and asked you to repeat it daily in the night before going to bed.. Are you doing that?" 
"Good.. Lord Hanuman is helping you drive away your bad dreams.. Isn't it?" 
"But it doesn't work always.. Sometimes I get bad dreams and I don't like them!" 

"I told you, Mom.. Now a days Kids are different compared to your generation children.. They are extra smart everywhere thru' questioning and learning.. Don't you agree now?" 

kid, extra smart

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