Sunday, January 29, 2017


At 60 post retirement, I thought.. 

“I am retired doesn't mean taking rest all the day without doing much.. Let me move out with all seriousness, try finish some of my children's pending works and thus help them!”

Accordingly the next day morning after my grandson had left for school, I too moved out of my home on the planned errands for the day..

  • I decided to take the starting bus to my destination but as I could not walk fast to reach the Bus Stop in time, I squarely missed that.. 
  • I decided to board the through buses coming up but quickly found it too difficult to do so as the buses were full with passengers.. 
  • I was thus helpless for a while when a special bus came, I happily got in but as the bus moved on, I found to my dismay that I got into a wrong one when it took a turn into the next lane.. The kind conductor helped me get down and I had to walk back to my Stop.. 
  • To my luck, the next bus was empty and I happily got in and sat in a seat relaxing myself for a while.. 
  • I thus reached one of the places where I wanted to finish the first work of the day and suddenly found that I forgot to carry the file I kept ready in that context the earlier day.. 
  • Leaving that activity, I moved towards the next work but to my surprise I found a long queue there..
  • Fed up, I left the place and moved towards the 3rd work walking some distance and on the way it started drizzling.. Having thus become quite wet in that rain, at one of point I decided not to go ahead further but return home..
  • Unfortunately while getting down my bus on return, there was some haste, in the process I slipped and sprained my leg and I slowly walked back home with the muscle catch.. 
As soon as I entered my house, my little grandson opened the door and said with full excitement,
  • “Grandpa! I'm back early today.. I was searching for you all the time.. Where did you go? Right now, let's go to our play ground.. You have to help me in my cycling.. Are you ready?” 
The tired me was soon at the play ground for a while pushing my grandson on his bicycle.. And the boy started peddling endlessly screaming and shouting all along making his already tired grandpa further tired.. Having done that job for an hr, as I stood under a tree there for a moment with the boy continuing his half learnt pedaling happily, suddenly I found myself exceptionally cool and calm for no reason.. We both soon returned home and that night after dinner when the boy went to sleep, I was looking at his face for a while..

As few moments passed thus silently, it suddenly struck me that those special moments are forever the best moments of my life at 60 taking out all the strain, travails and failures of all of my earlier times in a fraction of second leaving me in a total blissful state!

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  1. This is the magic of some relationships...

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy.. Truly said..And those feelings do surface in the right time in the right age.. And thank you too for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Initially written the Post for Blogadda's Contest #MagicOfWarmth moment.. Subsequently found the same is to be promoted on Twitter.. As I have no Twitter account, dropped the idea of contesting and brought out the Post on Indivine.. Hope you all like it!

  3. It is perfect for the #magicofwarmth as this indeed is the magic of such relations! The more we give , the more we feel content.. the more we tire ourselves, more bliss and a feeling of a blissful calm is there. Nicely written. Sir! :)

    1. Thanks Kokila for the appreciation and bringing a meaning to the Post.. Rightly said and we exactly yearn for those warmths of life at the appropriate stages of our living!

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    1. Thanks Siddhartha.. A nice appreciation and compliment!

  5. Such a warm, cosy read! I wish to be this when I grow up to be 60! Be like that forever Sreedhar ji, dont change!

    Anagha recently posted The Present, The Gift...Today!

    1. Thanks Anagha for the appreciation and compliment.. You are right.. 60+ sure creates great interest in these activities!