Tuesday, January 31, 2017


“Sir! No doubt I get a pat everywhere in my office but equally of late, my work never ends on a single day even though I maintain good work discipline and manage everywhere..
  • I well manage the activities of my Sub-ordinates by distributing the works equally among all and meticulously following up the progress, 
  • I indirectly manage by paying attention to some of their personal needs so that those needs do not come in the way of their active work, 
  • I equally manage the dealings with my Colleagues so that those well knit personal relationships help in smooth functioning of the day to day work, 
  • On the Customer front, I manage taking advance care so that the Client remains ever cheerful and co-operative, 
  • Back home no doubt, I manage my family affairs well so that the family members become self dependent and never interfere with my work and 
  • All along I manage meticulously all of my personal and health needs so that they do not hamper my work activities! 

I don't understand what else I have to do here more to lessen the burden of this unending work with me?”

“Dear! Have you blissfully forgotten one more management here?'

"What's that, Sir?"

"You've to manage your Boss too in a subtler way so that your man thinks twice before giving work to you?"


"Yes.. If you master this technique, soon
  • Your Boss sure plans and allots work equally among the Assistants including you and that way never burdens you beyond,
  • If work still remains pending, equally plans and make arrangements for borrowing extra men and machines for your office from friendly Colleagues on mutual basis and 
  • Further, will definitely pressurize the top Management for sanction of extra men and machines!
To tell you frankly as this extra management is missing in you presently, all others in your Office including your own Boss and the Higher Ups are taking their life cool by off loading part of their burden on to you by happily giving you an extra brand new bag in the name of a pat..

Why don't you straight away say 'No' to this extra bag and be at total peace in your work life?"

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