Friday, February 10, 2017


A man just asked, “I want this!”

  • The 'Good Circles' of the world affirmed him saying "Pay for it or work to become eligible to receive it!" 
  • The 'Not Good Circles and Not Bad Circles too' admonished him saying "You are not a VIP here to get it whether you pay or would work for it!” 
  • The 'Bad Circles'warned him saying, "You'll not be given it whether you pay for it or would work for it!" 
The man was agitated and clueless for a while when suddenly he had a flash..

"Why not say ‘No’ to my requirement?"

To his wonder, it worked and in the process

  • The 'Good Circles' kept quite.. 
  • The so called 'Not Good Circles....…..' tried offering that but seeing the man’s disinterest expected him to come back soon.. 
  • The 'Bad Circles' decided to punish him for the indirect protest he had put up.. 
Seeing the trend, the man thought.. "The ways of living here are either

Fight or Protest, yield, protest, yield.. or Take a flight..
  • I should not fight right now as I'm not strong enough to face the wrath at this moment.. 
  • Any flight from the scene gives an outward impression of a weak personality which sooner or later works against me only.. 
  • Seen thus, the middle path alone is the right one for me!" 
He firmed up.. "In life..

  • ”Say 'No' to many extra projected requirements.. 
  • In respect of those which appear needed, manage wisely with a question all along.. 'Why am I sticking to these too?' 
  • In respect of essentials, as nothing can be done immediately, continue living with whatever is allowed around to secure them with a unshaken faith that
'Even though limited freedom is experienced all along leading such a life, the Ultimate Freedom dawns only when those bare needs too start tapering off naturally!'"

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  1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. I completely endorse the thoughts expressed in this post. Hearty thanks Sir for sharing these eye-openers.

    1. It's nice to hear such an appreciative comment from you Jitendra.. Thanks a lot for the same!