Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A Chief Executive in an Office often used to point out one of his Assistants even though the man happened to be an obedient and obliging personality taking every order and attending the task to the core..

The Assistant for a while was at his wits end not knowing why his Boss was repeatedly admonishing him as others who were never so dedicated used to get away easily in spite of equally giving back to the Boss a few times.. 

It was the promotion time and to his surprise, this Assistant got his due but again the Boss while handing over the letter said, "They might have given you promotion but I'm not happy.. You've done no great job all these years!"

That was the limit, the Assistant could no more hold the anger within and straight away asked the Boss,

"If I'm so bad at my work, why at all you recommended this to me?"

The Boss smiled and said, 

“Listen Dear! The work environment is like a typical war zone.. 

In war, you as a warrior always have the 3 most important duties with you..
  • Entering the war area at the right place, in the right time and with proper defence ..
  • Fighting out and finishing the task in the earliest time with full vigor..
  • And quickly retreating from the area before the enemy spots and tries to catch!
At work, you as an active workman always have the 3 most important duties with you.. 
  • Starting the work well equipped with all the training, information and the right tools..
  • Working out and finishing the task in the earliest time with full vigor..
  • And delivering your work into the right hands with the privacy required therein taken care in a diplomatic way!
If you continue doing your work in the way presently you are doing, am sure you'll soon be caught off guard and attacked by the few vested interests around you who are ready to make a hay out of the situation.. That way, you'll forever remain as an half competent person knowing only your work but not the associated dangers around you in which situation, we may lose, sometimes may land up in problems of strained relations, unnecessary blame and at times get into a few critical issues from which escape becomes impossible..

Now since you raised this question for the first time, I feel the change in you has taken its birth and I'm sure, soon you will be the number one Valuable Employee of our Organization where in 

It's not the designation bestowed upon that brings honor to you but it is you that will bring honor to the designation bestowed upon!”

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  1. Nice one, never knewed all these things do matter or not.

    1. Thanks Ayantika for the appreciation and sure that's exactly the unseen scenario in the work environment!

  2. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!