Thursday, March 2, 2017



“I do not believe in the concept of God.. 'Be good and do good' is the discipline I believe in.. This way of living makes me happy and calm and in the process whatever comes, I take and live my life.. Am doing anything wrong?”

“Dear! Your philosophy of living is what all the Great Men of the Earth who experienced the Reality often have emphasized of course along with having a firm ultimate faith in Almighty.. The reason for this is.. 

'It is said that..
'Between a cup and lip there are many slips!'
Meaning.. No one knows what is in store for an individual at any point of time in his/her life..

In such a scenario, if something seriously goes wrong in one's life, do you mean to say that the confidence and mental strength which on this day are not the factors of that happening remain at the same level?'

Even if I'm sure that I in the past sailed thru' such difficulties without a scare, still
'The present slip between the cup and the lip can be totally a different harrowing experience beyond my own imagination!'
which can bring down my confidence at one stroke!"

"Sir! Even such a thing happens how do you affirm that the belief in God sure makes me strong to put up with that?"

"My dear! It's just shifting over from the self assertive thinking of mine 
'I am the doer!'
to a mental plane where in I remain with the thought.. 
'I am not the doer here.. He alone moves me and I'm just sailing in the direction of the wind at the moment!' 

And the Great Men of the earth having experienced that Reality alone have proclaimed their Sayings for the good of the world!

Belief, God


  1. We live by the same principle :)

    1. You said it rightly Veidehi.. Living with such a humble feeling that I am not the owner here takes out many tensions of our life.. Thanks for the good comment here!