Monday, February 27, 2017


### The Great Saint once said, “I need not do any work!"

When asked how He could live without working, the Great Philosopher replied, “I have no desires to satisfy!"

When asked about meeting the basic needs like food etc, the Master smiled and said, “Some of you may feed me.. If not, I'll go hungry and in the process if the body perishes, it goes!”

### A stranger approached the Great Man and said, "Sir! I'm hungry.. Give me some food!"

The Great Personality replied, "I've a work to be done.. Please complete that and I'll give you food!"

The stranger retorted back, "Sir, how can you ask a man to work when he is hungry and weak? Can't you be sympathetic to a man in distress?"

"I agree with you.. If so, I'll give you food immediately.. You can eat, relax for a while but after that you would finish my work!" said the Noble Man with all firmness..

The stranger flatly refused the proposal saying that the Man whom the world honored was so much calculative and left the place.. All along, the Great Man just remained firm..

Thus seen thru' the affirmations of the 2 Great Personalities of the world, it is very much evident that as I am far away from such Internal Strengths, working for a remuneration alone is the 'Safe Way' for me in my life..

It's very much clear to me at this stage that the purpose of any professional work I do in this world is basically to support myself and discharge my associated family responsibilities and beyond this alone I should express myself in the right direction out of my interest..

Thus when I chose a profession in my life, it has two components to be satisfied Viz.,

  • The basic business interest and
  • The inherent professional interest
The Nature's law in respect of the business interest forever asserts..

'Produce in return equivalent to what is consumed!'

The business interest in me should basically earn enough finances for a decent living and beyond that the business still sure can go on but not at the cost of sacrificing ethics and principles of honesty at any point of time in my life.. And that way alone my life is originally defined on the earth..

Seen in such a scenario, every aspect of one's living should more or less should confirm to this total discipline in his/her life and here, the Media too is no exception with the profession evidently needing its own revenues to be generated for supporting its members at the minimum basic decent living level and in that context, ad-revenues and TRPs are very much required..

Beyond this, the professional expression gains priority and that should go on all along bringing out the Truth in the scenario as is and present it to the masses who had kept their undaunted faith in the system knowing well that to be their only weapon to fight out any injustice done in the so called democratic system with them..

Here alone, the activities like generation of faster revenues out of greed, spending too much time in assessing and improving TRPs, receiving costly gifts and benefits for doing certain favors etc should be avoided all the time..

If this discipline is strictly followed, the Media no doubt stays as the Noblest Profession amidst us ever upholding the sacred principles of democracy of ours!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you feel the media is commercialized, partial and focuses on ad-revenues & TRPs more? What is important/relevant news for you? #News

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