Friday, February 24, 2017


The time was 6 o’clock the early morning hrs.. The family away at native place reminded the gentleman on telephone that as the day was Mahashivaratri, he should go to Temple and offer his Prayer to Lord Shiva.. If can't do so due to busy work schedules, he should at least, do minimum Puja at home and then only go for his work..

The gentleman because of his urgent works with no holiday on the day had decided to carry out Puja at home in the evening only after his return! 

He was soon ready for the day’s Event.. After all, the whole program was because of his great effort put in thru’ all those days and he was equally proud of that.. The telephone rang..

  • “Sorry, Sir.. There's a small problem.. We request you to put up with.........!”
The gentleman was instantly annoyed.. 
  • “What dear? This'll push my other activities at least by 20 minutes.. I have to rush now.. OK! Please take care!”
He was soon in his car.. Yes.. He should be moving else nothing moves.. At a junction, there was certain traffic jam..
  • “The road is blocked.. They are diverting the traffic!” 
Some one was saying.. He took out his phone..
  • "Dear! I am held up on the way.. Immediately, take care of that work which we discussed yesterday.. I'll buy the required planned...... ” 
He diverted his car into a lane and moved to a near by Market Area to make few purchases..
  • “Sir! For the past 3 days, there's a Strike going on in.. Some of these items are presently not available…..”
  • “God! Where else I get them? I need these very urgently…..”
  • “You can try at ….”
Soon, the gentleman rushed to the place suggested.. While returning with the required items, the telephone rang up..
  • “Sir! It seems our payments have not reached the party.. They are holding the release of……. ”
  • "Oh! Dear! What I've to do now?”
  • “You can give a call to their Chief……”
The gentleman was confused for a while.. It was already 1230 PM.. As he was about to dial the number, the telephone rang up..
  • “Sir! You have to come urgently to....”
  • “Yaar! Sorry, I forgot!”
  • “Sir! At least you can spend 15 mts here and oversee the minimum required.. Rest we'll manage!”
The gentleman involuntarily made a U turn.. As he speeded up, all of a sudden the front tyre gave way..

There was exactly 4 hrs time for the Event to start.. And it was total chaos and utter confusion in front.. He quickly parked the car to a side, hired a taxi and started moving feeling totally helpless..

At the immediate next signal point as the taxi stopped, he suddenly heard the Sacred Panchakshara (The Five-syllable) Mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya' being recited melodiously on the loud speakers near Lord Shiva Temple at a distance..

The gentleman involuntarily closed his eyes and started reciting the Sacred Mantra in low tone in tune with what was being heard.. And to his great surprise he found himself instantly at peace his mind slowly becoming cool and calm in spite of having a big challenge in front in few hrs of time.. 

There was a Unique Message..

"Feeling totally helpless, as one surrenders with an unfailing Faith that None other than He alone Moves the Entire, Peace is instantly bestowed upon the individual in place of the earlier despair and turmoil!" 



  1. I hope things went on well after this for the gentleman!

    1. That's exactly where lies one's strength, Mridula.. Whatever may happen, the inner strength gained out of that and similar chantings will sure put up with the difficulty to a certain extent and propels one sail thru' the life in front.. Thanks for the timely comment here!